Saturday, August 13, 2016

Half Unpacked

Recently a few friends bought houses too, they would say after a month or even two how they were only a quarter unpacked.  It made no sense to me as usually with rentals I had them set up in a few weeks but I understand now.

There are many ways buying is different than renting a house.  When you buy a house you want to take the time to make necessary changes, repairs or whatever else before completely settling in.  That's where we find ourselves now.  Carpet needs to be cleaned from prior owners cats, walls needed to be painted colors we found soothing, even just figuring out how to best utilize the new space is going to take a little time.

Old furniture doesn't exactly fit the same way and we may have to just buy new items that do. There are projects we want to tackle....such as ripping up carpet and restoring floors, fixing fencing and installing higher privacy fencing for our little guy,  painting some more rooms, fixing up each of our office rooms and so on.  All that stuff takes money and time.

Which is exactly why it will take longer to set up the house than in previous moves.  My type A personality though is already getting impatient.  Just want to do it now.  Waiting is the hard part, and with the man's broken foot the house may take even longer to set up.  So I'm going to have to learn some patience. Remind me what exactly is that again?

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