Thursday, August 11, 2016

Broken Foot

Yes you read that correct. The man broke his foot.  With less than 18 days and counting until our wedding!

He called me on his way home from work yesterday to inform me of the pain in his foot.  He expressed concerned that he thought it would be broken but I wrote it off thinking it was just a stubbed toe.  Honestly don't think I wanted to face the reality that came with a broken foot.

Somehow leaving work as he was walking up concrete steps his right foot stepped on the back of his flip flop causing the left foot to crash into the concrete.  As it did that there was a loud crack, enough to warrant the girl who was walking behind him to gasp in horror.

The perks of working for a laid back starter company are getting to wear flip flops and shorts in the summer.  Right now it isn't seeming like such a perk.  One look at it when he arrived home and I knew he was right.  The whole foot was bruising and swelling up, even around his ankle didn't look good.

Then came the discussion on what to do and where to go for help.  Urgent care or emergency room. Urgent care won out because it only costs $75 as compared to the hefty ER fee of $350.  Upon arriving they immediately did an x ray on the foot.  The x ray showed a straight line break on that knuckle bone before the big toe.  The doctor even said there could be more possible damage that wasn't showing up on a standard x ray.

They were going to send him to the hospital as due to him not being able to feel his toe they felt he might need surgery.  But after consulting with an ortho doctor who felt he needed to wait the night to see if any sensation came back in the morning they released him. Of course with instructions to follow up with an ortho doctor the next day.

Hence he followed up next day with a ortho who informed him he fractured his foot in three places, if it doesn't start feeling better in two weeks he has to come back as there could be ligament damage. For now the doctor put him in a big boot that comes right below his knee.  His bachelor party for this coming weekend was cancelled, now it's a wait and see game regarding how it will be for the wedding.

I'm very worried about his foot, and pray for quick healing. Also feel somewhat disappointed as the thought of him being immobile for 6-8 weeks especially given we just moved is rough, but not being able to fully enjoy wedding festivities kind of sucks too. Given we waited almost a decade to marry it's all pretty crazy.

Yeah I guess it could be worse but everyone is just feeling a little down about the whole turn of events.  What a year so far!

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