Friday, July 8, 2016

United We Stand

Does anyone remember these words in the Pledge Alliance?  United we stand...those words seem to mean little now. 

Everyday the news is filled with horrifying violence...when will it stop?

When will the people of this country and world unite against crime, violence, drugs, gangs, guns, injustice and most of all follow the law.  One wrong doesn't justify another wrong, and it certainly won't bring the change people and especially these protesters seek.  And when did following the law become such a hard concept for so many?

One can't even drive these days without others going way above the posted speed limit. Seriously people just seem to think they are above and beyond the law.  No one seems to think they should have to follow even the simplest of rules and laws set down by our country.  

Sure there may be corrupt police, just like there are corrupt politicians, educators, religious figures, criminals,etc.  For every good person there seems a corrupt one, and if we don't start calling out the corrupt ones nothing will change.  But we need to have all the facts straight when deciding to call them out or protest.

For instance there was an interesting study done, and article published on it back in 2015 in which it was found that police actually kill more whites than blacks. But that minority deaths generate more outrage. Read here for more on the study....

What's crazier is more blacks are killed by blacks, a whopping 97% according to the USA Crime Statistics of 2015.  Yet we hear little of such statistics. Or how about the constant shootings in just about every major city in the United States that seem to occur on a daily basis?  We can't pick and choose what we focus on and protest when it comes to violence, all of it must be called out and dealt with. 

Not sure about other cities but everyday there are shootings here, innocent lives taken due to the violence of the streets, yet no one protests these brutal slayings.  In fact, more times than none they generate little outrage.  Every city and town in this country is dealing with violent criminals these days.  Yet no one protests against the very thugs who are causing it. Or the very drug dealers and gangs who are slowly taking our innocent youth.  Or how about creating harsher penalties and consequences for those violent offenders.  As often times prison is a better environment than the lives they actually live outside of it. 

Right now this country is in the middle of an election year where even the politicians running are known for their corrupt ways, lies, dishonesty,etc....yet we as a country do nothing?  We let those people who lie and are corrupt continue to run for office. Gasp...we even support them?  If we want a fair and just country we must intelligently and fairly fight to obtain that.  But not by using violence, nor bullying, labeling, calling names, dividing by race or even sex but by uniting against those who do wrong and creating a world where right rules and wrong is actually punished. 

We have to each be the change we want to see in the world.  We each have to live by higher standards, morals, virtues, work ethnics, etc, and except nothing but those same standards from our leaders as well. We have to stand constantly united against the evil of this world if we want good to prevail. We have to each be willing look openly and honestly at what we even might be doing to contribute to the issues and problems of this country. We have to be willing to compromise, truly listen and love each other unconditionally. 

Until everyone, of all races and sexes, understands that all lives matter....nothing will change.

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