Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Musings

The weather is electrifying here, 98 with heat indices reaching 108!  Storms in the wee hours of the morning were loud enough to stir us awake.  And the weather forecasters say more could be on the way later. Might be the hottest summer we have at least had in a few years.  Surely not good weather for trying to pack and move.

Over the weekend the man seemed wiped out yet again, he was down right miserable to be around on Saturday as we tried to pack the truck we borrowed from my brother in law.  The truck he wanted yet had no interest in actually having to pack. In the past my family has helped more with packing then him so he really needs to get it together and step up this time around.  If he doesn't enjoy packing and moving does he really think everyone else does?

While he's great at telling others to use their brains hes not always so great at following his own advice.  Since there were all kinds of heat warnings posted common sense would be to get up early before the heat of the day and do the brunt of moving.  But instead he slept in, lounged around and by noon wasn't really doing a whole lot of anything. Once again I've basically packed up our entire house. Let's just say it felt like a very long weekend with an overly moody man. ha

Meanwhile, he brought up an interesting question. Why do I bother to blog if being on the computer only instigates the dizziness.  Honestly I ask myself that at times too as it would probably be much better if I just avoid it all together. It's not good for me that I know.  Yet I'm drawn to expressing myself here, my little journal of sorts I've created.  It helps to have a place to come to simply share whatever it is I'm thinking or feeling. I've never been good at holding things in, what good does that do?  Truthfully I'm probably too honest, open and talkative but it feels like the only true way to live.

The man is quiet, dislikes talking and not sure he will ever understand my level of openness. We are rather different.  He's like the outer edge of the earth and I'm more like the inner core if that makes sense.  Sometimes I wonder what is it the universe wants us to learn from each other?  As I'm a believer people come into our lives for reasons, not only to learn from each other but to help us grow into who we are meant to be. But there is lesson to be learned from everyone we meet, that I know.

Back to the computer thing though, I do try to avoid it as much as possible. On really bad days or weeks I have no choice but to avoid it all together.  Other days I try to do what needs to be done and get off quickly.  It's hard in this day and age to avoid it all together. What I miss most though is being able to read a book for hours.  After all these years the man still doesn't get that about me, before him and the dizziness I rarely watched tv...instead I preferred reading books.  Reading was such a passion of mine, though there are audio books they just don't have the same feel of a book.

On another completely different note. My cousin's husband recently found out that he has stomach cancer.  It's a very serious situation, since entering the hospital they have yet to even release him and it's not exactly the best of outlooks.  It seemed to come out of no where too, no signs that something might even be wrong. It's crazy how quickly life can change. They were celebrating their sons graduation from high school, his acceptance into college, looking forward to a bright future together as a family and now nothing is for certain. Then again is anything ever for certain in life?

It really puts life into perspective.  No one is guaranteed anything not even tomorrow, and if that's the case the bigger question to ask is....are we living a life that truly makes us happy or just going through the motions?  Are we spending our lives with the people that truly make us happy, who allow our hearts to truly open or are we settling for those we simply feel comfortable with?   Are we doing something everyday to help others or to make a real difference in the world?  Are we living our lives with passion and purpose?  Are we living each day in love or hate?

This quote speaks deeply to these very questions, "Tomorrow isn't promised to us. So live as if today is your last day on earth. Love like you've never loved before. Dream deeper than you've ever imagined you could dream. Experience all that your heart desires. If tomorrow you wake and everything still remains, at least your living now." but an even better quote to ponder this Monday....

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