Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Musings

It's been real hot and humid here, we are talking heat indices in the 100's.

The weekend was busy, and filled with fun.  A family party at my cousins on Saturday.  The man and I spent Sunday with my sister as people toured our house. Getting to see my niece and nephew two days in a row was not only awesome but special!

We've been trying to avoid the news as what's going on in the world is just to much to handle some days.  When will our world ever understand we are all essentially one, how do we get people to unite and truly work together to change things for the better?

I'm tired of all the political bashing posts on social media as well.  It's one thing to announce who you are supporting another to act like an immature bully about it.  Everyone has their own opinions, bashing others, inciting violence isn't going to lead to anything but more hate and trouble. People have to learn to respect others opinions and move on.  Anyway....

Still a lot to do, and it's only going to increase for a while.  Given we just moved into this place last year another move right now seems daunting.  Cleaning, painting, packing, unpacking...the thought of all that leaves me feeling stressed. ha

My brain is still not reacting to the computer or even my smart phone well so I'm not going to spend much time on here.  Even just looking at the screen for a few minutes is sending me into that dizzy sensation. Think the intense heat and humidity has really been taking a toll as well. Remember that Seinfeld episode....serenity now. That's pretty much what I feel like yelling.

Later gators time to rest the brain!

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