Friday, July 22, 2016

Heat Wave Moving

We are once again officially on the move!

Normally I'm pretty good with this stuff, but right now it happens to be falling at not such a great time.  My brain is still struggling with the dizziness and intense head pressure that of course is made worse by strenuous exercise or lifting.  So my normal moving strategies or tactics aren't working so well. Even at only 98 lbs I can usually can accomplish quite a lot but the vertigo migraine stuff is slowing me down.

Pretty much am severely limited as what I can do this move.  Even taking just moving a few pieces of furniture to the truck, packing stuff and dismantling the kitchen table basically brought on the bad head pressure and dizziness sensations.  I won't lie it totally sucks.  As I could have at least had half the truck filled myself if it wasn't for it.

Think the man and I are both feeling completely overwhelmed by everything at the moment. Between making settlement on the new house, figuring out who to hire to help us move, planning for a wedding, packing and on top of that the man is busy at work too.

Oh yeah did I mention there is a heat wave going on here.  Temperatures are soaring into the high 90's combined with the oppressive humidity it feels well into the 100's!  That's not good for anyone's body or health.  Plus in anticipation of the move we sold two of our window units, so are only working with two at the moment one in the living room and one in bedroom so the rest of the house is rather hot.

I'm trying to keep up my normal pace but my brain needs more relaxation right now.  The best days have been sitting chilling with my nephew, it keeps me away from the computer, phone and allows me to enjoy the simple moments of life with him.  When my sister goes back to work wish she would let me take care of him as it would be so amazing.  But my mom's company got sold so it looks like she may actually leave her job to care for him. Crazy how things work we finally move close enough where I am able to help my sister and now my mom may not be working so she can too.

Life sure is crazy sometimes.  The never knowing, the ups and downs, even the suffering along the way which only makes you appreciate the good times even more.  Can you tell I've been back to my pondering ways again.

Anyway back to moving, not sure how it's all going to fall into place but here's hoping it some how does.  And that mother nature can some how break this heat wave to allow for dry weather, with temperatures in the 80's and low humidity to return.  Please, pretty please. :)

Oh yeah and just when I needed a little inspiration, found this on pinterest!

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