Thursday, July 28, 2016

Finding Calm in Chaos

That's exactly how I would describe our living conditions right now, pure chaos.

There are boxes stacked everywhere, every room is torn apart, a box truck is parked in the side driveway being slowly filled with our belongings and finding things has become like finding a needle in a hay stack.  Seriously the packing part of moving is the hardest and probably worst aspect of moving. Especially when the temperatures are soaring to 100. Other wise it might actually be fun to live somewhere new every few years. ;)

I don't mind moving different places, actually enjoy living in new area every so many years as it keeps things fresh and new.  Staying in one place would eventually bore me probably why I didn't settle down at an earlier age.  Still hope to one day to be living back at the beach again. As I just mentioned to the man I would very much like to do another cross country road trip, it's been way too long since my previous ones. He's never been on a cross country road trip before and it would be fun to do together.  Though I wonder what he would be like on an extended road trip without the comforts or technology he is so accustomed too.  Anyway back to the chaos of moving....

It's interesting because I find when my surroundings are in such chaos it affects the body. In fact there have even been studies done on this very subject,  and that living conditions in which everything is organized and not cluttered create calmer, peaceful homes.  I believe truly believe this to be true. As when things are disorganized and strewn everywhere it does have an effect on the body both mentally and physically.  

I try to remind the man he should be happy I'm such an organized, neat freak because it does help balance out a home. And it's not always something that comes easy, it can take a lot of work to create such an environment.  I find even just creating a routine, which sounds boring can help too. I'd say even our routines are off, in fact I haven't been able to work out in maybe two months which sucks as I had quite a streak going there! Think the yoga is what I miss most as it really did have some what of calming, centering effect.

Of course sometimes chaotic situations cannot always be resolved right away either, in those moments it's best to find a little space to create calm.  Such as right now that would probably be sitting on a chair on the patio surrounded by flowers, and when I need to just find my center I sit and meditate on those.  Truth is things are only going to get more chaotic so finding those calming moments is going to be even more important.

Pretty much every morning Cooper smells the flowers. He helps to remind me to appreciate the smalls things and be present in the moment.  Whenever I decide to sit down outside he usually comes over and sits on my lap.  Those are special moments in which him and I simply enjoy the beauty of nature together.  They bring me back to what truly matters in life.  Sometimes I wish the man could appreciate such moments more but he doesn't seem to love being outdoors or enjoying those moments in nature like Cooper and I do.

Einstein said it best "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

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