Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Musings

Lately feel like I suck when it comes to blogging, and think its fair to blame on the dizziness.  It's really been rearing itself to the point just looking at a computer screen for a moment brings it on.  I so wanted to do a Woof Wednesday post this week but my brain wasn't cooperating. It feels utterly frustrating when it prevents me from doing something I really want to.  And I know all the stress I've been under is only compounding the problem.

Think it's time to seek out yet more opinions on this dizziness as it's really interfering with everything. Yet given I supposedly saw one of the best neurologists at John Hopkins for it, I'm not very hopeful any other specialists will have any answers either,  The ear specialists I see once a year always tells me she feels bad but that she just doesn't have any answers or cures.   Let me tell you when specialists say that it can quickly deflate any hope. 

Wednesday my mother, sister and I went to exchange my mother's dress for another one.  It didn't fit right and overall she just wasn't feeling the champagne color.  Luckily she found a stunning navy dress, not it just has to be altered a little.  

Friday we went to the Senior PGA golf tournament which was being held locally.  I was a little concerned given the forecast was for bright sun no clouds.  Yeah you guessed it bright sun is another dizzy instigator, what isn't these days.  But I wore a hat, even had a hooded sweatshirt so that helped and also tried to alternate under the shade of the trees as well.  We actually left at 9:30 am and didn't get home until 4:30pm so it was a rather long day.  Funny how when you're doing something fun it always seems to go so fast, and is over before you know it. 

Saturday we went to look at five houses, and only truly liked one but it's pretty much out of our price range so not sure what we are going to do.  The day was very hot and humid by afternoon we each took a little nap before getting ready for a family party. My aunt turned 90 so my cousin threw a rather large family party for her in the condo building she lives in downtown. It was so much fun getting to mingle with family who we rarely get to see.  Many came in from Texas, Virginia, Florida and so on. Not sure the man was fond of going, he tends to complain whenever he has to go to anything not sports relate. Given we've been together for almost a decade and they never met him it was time.  

The man just isn't used to such family gatherings or even such social events as he didn't grow up in that kind of environment or saw much of that.  He might never understand the true bonds of family or how some families actually love to hang out together.  And he seems to think my brother in law gets out of events easily then becomes fixated on it.  I finally told him to shut it that I don't care what anyone does but that I want a man who attends things with me, end of story! haha   Though after two lemonade drinks named after my aunt he seemed to warm up and not be so dang tight.  Then again my extended family are very warm and nice so it's very hard not to feel at home.

Sunday the man slept the day away as I worked on stuff in the office and did some laundry.  For the most part he was getting on my nerves most of the day, probably should have went out. Sometimes that happens though because we are so opposite in nature that I get annoyed when he gets in his zone out mood.  Oh my gosh sometimes I even panic myself when saying that because of the whole marriage thing.  Yeah I know we've made it this long together but sometimes the ways in which we are opposite just drive me crazy and cause too much frustration. I'm for sure way too affectionate and energetic for him. 

Anyway, if it's one thing I do well it's tell it like it is.  :)

I wrote much of this yesterday actually.  Today I've been up since 5am, some how did a thorough cleaning of  the entire house then encountered a rough afternoon and evening of dizziness and strong head pressure so now it's time to chill out!  Though as I always say chilling out doesn't come easy for me I get bored sitting around.

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