Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Musings

The weather has continued to be chilly, overcast and rainy, the temperatures are a well 10 degrees below normal.  Though supposedly warm weather is moving in.

Today started off frustrating.  I waited over 6 months to finally buy the old eye frames, took them to the local store two weeks ago to have the most recent prescriptive lenses put in....only to pick them up Friday to find I cannot see anything close.  Seriously, does anyone take the time to make things right these days?

So this morning there I was sitting at the eye doctors office explaining my dilemma only to have them inform me the prescription is correct in the new glasses.  They can't figure out why I can't see clearly out of the old frames and not the new ones.  After much investigation, and bending my precious new frames which completely freaked me out...the eye doctors office informs me the pd or optical center is incorrect which means now I have to go back to the Pearle Vision.

After another 2 1/2 hours spent at Pearle Vision the technician finally agreed the pd did appear off and would order new lenses, he also feels the focal point has to sit higher.  The first girl never even took measurements which is a requirement for ordering glasses. Hopefully he's right about his assessment as since they didn't get the measurement right the first time it's hard to trust them this time. It just always seems like we are having to return defective things. No one seems to pay attention or do their jobs right in the first place.  By the end of the morning I was fired up!

Things have been so busy around here. Last weekend we celebrated my nieces birthday with a party at my sisters house. The man also did double duty as a catcher at my nieces pitching clinic, something he definitely enjoyed helping with as he loves sports. Have I mentioned how in love I am with my new nephew Dylan?  He is absolutely precious. Getting to spend any time with my sister and him is a real treat.

Got my hair highlighted, I've been opting to go some what lighter which seems to require more frequent touch ups.  Definitely not good on the wallet but what can a girl do.  It's crazy because I spent most of my younger years blonde, but then as I got older decided to go with my natural brown color which started really liking but then those stubborn grey strands started to appeal.  It's much easier to cover and hide those strands with blonde color.

My grandfather used to always say "don't get old" never fully realized what he meant until now.  So many things like hair color, skin texture, hormones, sleep and vision change as we get older..some days it feels scary.

Cooper had a play date with his Westie friend MacTavish on Sunday.  He was good until the food came out, then a piece of cheese dropped and all chaos broke out.  Cooper gets very protective and aggressive when it comes to food around other dogs.  Then once he got in that state it was hard to snap him back into good boy mode.  Trying to play after that he continued to be a tad snappy so we called it a day and went home.  Hopefully we can work on those issues and find a way back to training classes too.

Oh and of course home made cookies were on the menu this weekend as well.  White chocolate chip and chocolate chip which we turned into ice cream sandwiches. :)

Meanwhile the house search is proving to be much tougher than even I imagined.  There is just not a lot on the market right now, and what is available is very old and in need of hardcore renovating. Those house hunting shows make it look rather easy to find nice homes but in reality in our budget the market is slim pickings. Sure if we had 700,000 to spend we could simply buy one of the newer houses being built here but since our budget isn't even close to that range just yet it's a dream for now. Good houses and neighborhoods come with quite a high price in our region.

Searching for houses has thrown off our schedules some what. We've been eating out a little more as well.  Friday night we even tried a new mexican restaurant which reminded me of the authentic ones in San Diego.  Living there introduced me to some of the best mexican food it's been hard to find anything that lives up to it on the east coast.

Right now there feels like much stress and not enough fun to balance it. So going out feels like a much needed treat. It's exactly why I thought we should start looking for a house at least 6 months in advance.  It's hard knowing our lease is up in July and we need to find a place to live as soon as possible. Yet we don't want to make the mistake of settling for something either, not when it involves such a big purchase as a house. I just keep praying and hoping the house meant for us will appear soon.

Sure all the various stress I've been feeling has taken a toll somewhat on my body. It's not good for the dizziness which has made sleep really hard the past two months as well.  It's the worst feeling dizzy when you try to sleep.  The man and others just doesn't understand how hard the dizziness makes life sometimes. Like everything else if you don't experience first hand you have no idea how bad it can feel.

Anyway, this post feels like a bunch of ramblings by a stressed out me.  While I'm doing my best to keep up with working out, I'm failing miserably with meditating. When I'm all hyped up trying to make time to meditate feels impossible, just trying to sit still and not think is so incredibly hard. Yet I know if I could take meditation more seriously it would help bring a calming influence.

For now though there's more lists to be accomplished!

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