Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Monday Musings

The weather can be described in one word....dreary.  We had over 8 straight days of clouds and rain. Not sure how people who live in such climates don't develop severe gloominess, just about everyone has been complaining about the lack of sun here.  It's amazing to think about how much the sun influences our moods.  All the warm, sunny days back in March made us believe Spring was arriving early but it appears it was only mother nature teasing us.  Hoping the sun decides to grace us with bright, sunny days soon!

Our house search feels much like the weather as we aren't finding anything we love let alone like,  if we do everyone else loves it too and we seem to lose out in the bidding wars.  After not getting the previous house we made an offer on feel like I've lost interest.  With the lack of houses for sale in our budget the whole house search is feeling more stressful than imagined.  It's why I suggested to the man we start looking six months ago as felt it would take us some time to find a home.  We now have less than 3 months to find a house.

In fact we have even opened up our search to include more areas, house types and so on.  Trying to give ourselves as many options as possible.  I'm not good with change so the idea of moving to a new area seems exciting yet nerve wrecking too.  There is a part of me that loves the area we live as it's close to shopping, trains and even the city.  Yet the other part of me would like a little more space between neighbors, to hear a little less traffic and be closer to family.

Feel like I'm overwhelming God with prayers right now, asking him for guidance and help in so many areas that even I'm beginning to lost track.  Times like these make me wonder is it true what they say, that whats meant to be will be?  

We officially bought a lawn mower and weed whacker. The man was busy cutting our overgrown lawn this weekend, he did an amazing job it looks like a new property. ha  Though given all the rain the lawn was quite wet, needless to say a lot of grass was tracked in on our shoes.  Plus I started planting our container gardens and some flowers so there is a lot of dirt around too.

Spent this morning cleaning house.  Vacuum, swifter, bathrooms, washed bedding and even Mr Cooper got cleaned up. He isn't at all fond of baths, and loves to jump out of the tub in the middle of getting suds up.

Meanwhile my sister is still recuperating from the c section, it usually takes a little to get back on ones feet after such a procedure.  They say anywhere from 4-6 weeks, especially no heavy lifting during that time. Dylan has gained some weight, and his sister's eighth birthday is today as well.  My mother is spending the next two days with her to help out.

The dizziness is still giving me such a hard time.  I seem to go through such ups and downs with it. Saturday I had one of those intense dizzy spells.  My sleep has really been affected by it as closing my eyes and moving my head can bring it on.  It makes it hard to find a comfortable position.  The lack of good sleep is definitely taking a toll on on everything.  Not to mention the dizziness gets in the way of errands or plans, it has a tendency to complicate life.

Of course Mr Cooper surprised me with multi colored roses and a sweet card for mother's day.  Such little things mean so much!

Before my brain brings onto much dizziness I better get off the computer.

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