Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Villanova Champs

After a long night of sitting on the edge of our seats, plenty of adrenaline rushes and screaming at the tv it was all worth it because.....Villanova won!

Yes it's official Villanova are the 2016 NCAA Champions! 

What a game, it was one for the history books.  In fact it could even be the best college championship game in history, at least in the top five of best ever games.  The city of Philadelphia was ecstatic, given our professional sports teams haven't won in a while this felt incredibly exciting.  The city has even scheduled a parade for Friday!

With under five seconds left North Carolina tied the game with a huge three.  Oh but it only got more amazing from there because with less than three seconds left Villanova's Arcidiacono came down the court with the ball, unselfishly passed it to Jenkins who nailed a three right at the buzzer to win the game!  If you haven't seen the game winner check out this clip....Villanova win.

We were speechless, yet full of elation while we jumped up and down at the tv screaming.  It was a surreal moment.  And after the spectacular win no one was going to get much sleep.

It was a moment we wish we had been there to celebrate in person, given we go to almost every other game, it was hard knowing we missed this one.  With all that we have coming up this summer though we couldn't afford to take the trip to Houston this year.  The man went to Villanova for undergraduate and holds his MBA from there as well.  He is a very proud Villanova alumni. :)

So happy for coach Jay Wright who is a fellow Council Rock graduate, and point guard Ryan Arcidiacono is who from Bucks County, PA where I grew up.  It's so great to see these guys making their dreams a reality.

It wasn't by any means an easy road, the team faced five tough match ups before the final championship game.  They showed determination, grit, worked hard and never gave up!

The cover of the Sports Illustrated magazine captured the moment perfectly....

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