Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rock the Vote

Today is the Pennsylvania primary.  Voting is a freedom and privilege we should never take for granted.  Think about all the men and women that have fought so hard for us to have such freedoms.

No matter who you choose to vote for, no matter if you think it will make a difference or not it's worth the effort.  Nothing is ever accomplished without at least trying.

Don't let anyone sway you, it's your choice....you vote for who you feel best represents what you stand for, what you believe or the change you would like to see happen.  Often no candidate is going to match up perfectly so just try to find the one you gravitate and register more with.

I'm not afraid to say who I voted for, as a registered Republican here in Pennsylvania the only requirement is you have to stay within your party to vote in a Primary.  Given I had to choose within the Republican party I voted for Trump.

While I might not agree with everything the man stands for I agree that this country needs real change.  Personally the bs career politicians aren't doing it for me anymore.  I'm tired of all the political correctness these politicians spew instead of voicing how they really feel and their true opinions.

I'm tired of little getting accomplished, the overall inefficiency of ways things are run, the constant bickering between parties and the ignorance of the struggles of the average American.  Would like to see someone other than a career politician who isn't controlled by lobbyists, special interest, donors or other such groups try their hand at being president.

Honestly if given the choice I would have wrote in my name, as would welcome the opportunity to run for president.  Anyway, love or hate my choice but at least I voted. And I'm not afraid to say who I voted for.

True change starts with each of us.  As Ghandi once said "be the change that you wish to see in the world." Don't listen to the cranky, negative naysayers who say change isn't possible.  Or who love to bully, criticize, demean,name call or pick fights with anyone who doesn't agree with them. The beauty of life is we are all free to believe what we want, and to vote for who we want.

Rock the vote people!

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