Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Musings

The weather is driving me crazy.  Mother nature keeps teasing us with a warm 80 degree day only to send arctic air again.  Sunday the wind was gusting at 60 mph causing us to lose power.  The highs were in the 30's yesterday, today is going up to 60 only to have freezing temperatures of 28 move in tonight.  Talk about extreme weather.

Woke up with bad vertigo this morning.  There is no other way to describe it then horrible.  The room felt like it was violently spinning. Usually laying down makes it worse so it's important to try to sit up and not move. Went to stand up and basically dropped to ground.  Crawled out into hallway, slid down steps all in a attempt to get my medicine.  Sometimes I try to wait it out but this one was bad so knew I needed to get medicine in my system right away.

That's where I get really annoyed with the man.  He was sleeping so his awareness of what I'm going through, or even the sense to try to help me wasn't good.  After all this time he still doesn't get how incapacitating vertigo can be, not sure anyone does unless they have experienced it first hand. But in those moments a helping hand can really make the world of difference. Even just knowing someone cares enough to go out of their way to do the little things means a lot.

Think when men don't feel well they want to be taken care of but many don't know how to take care of their women when they don't feel well.  It's the same when our Cooper gets sick, it's me who gets up to help and clean everything up while he sleeps.  Yet it's important to establish a fair give and take in relationships.

Anyway, any sort of movement can make dizziness excruciatingly worse.  I tried to steady myself by sitting on couch, took the medicine but it usually takes awhile to kick in. And sometimes it doesn't help much. Luckily at some point I was able to doze off, upon awaking I felt better, even though my head felt heavy and hurt.

Should I even be on the computer right now, ah no. I've had some mini attacks over the past week which I chalked up to computer use, hormones and lack of sleep.  My sleeping has been terrible lately....feel really sleep early in the night but then I'm wide awake at 3 am.  Poor sleep can really aggravate the vertigo, as can all the computer work I've been doing lately.  Hopefully I can get my brain back on track.

The week seemed to fly by. I was able to accomplish a lot on my list of to dos. The man had a sore throat all week so he was pretty much out of commission not wanting to do much.  Thought I was bad but the man pretty much always has something wrong with him.

Saturday me, my sister, niece and mother went dress shopping. Surprisingly after trying on a bunch of dresses actually found two I liked.  And eventually decided on one. Many of the dresses were too tight in the rib area or too heavy to try to walk in.  Really wanting something simple to match my style. It's funny when you decide the dress is the one, the store makes you ring a bell.  And basically all eyes turn to you standing there in the dress.  It's so interesting to see what everyone else tries on and what they go with.

It felt nice to find a dress because honestly I spend a lot of time searching and most bridal shops were telling me it was too late to order one.  Even the one I picked is cutting it close as it's not expected in until August 15, which is ten days before the wedding.  Did I mention the dress needs major alterations? ha  I feel a little nervous and hoping it all works out.

Meanwhile, my sister, niece and mother were all able to find dresses as well.  Given my sister is due in 3 weeks finding a dress was important.  Her dress is amazing, she looked stunning in it!  My mother on the other hand is having doubts about her dress so we may have to go back to the store to look for more choices for her.  But that's okay because a woman should love what she is wearing. :)

We spent about 4 hours there total, and we're all about ready to pass out from hunger.  There happens to be a Cracker Barrel 5 minutes from the bridal shop so we quickly went there.  Surprisingly within a half hour we were seated and eating.  It's the fastest I've seen any of us eat, we were so hungry there was no talking just eating.

Came home and took a long hot shower to try to revitalize myself for the big final four games that night. Villanova was set to play Oklahoma. We had another couple coming over to watch the game with us, and I had less than a hour to get ready.  I wasn't exactly psyched for company after my long day, and worried I would get stuck having to talk to the guys girlfriend instead of being able to watch the game. ha  When it comes to big games I like to focus on the game nothing else.

We were all nervous thinking it was going to be a close game.  Have to keep in mind last time we played Oklahoma they beat us by 25.  But our guys were prepared and motivated. Villanova went on to win by 44.  It was an exciting game.  Still one more game to go though!

Sunday we basically spent the day relaxing on the couch, took a little nap.  I felt exhausted from the day before.  The man had not been feeling well all week so he basically spent all weekend on the couch.  I also spent Sunday working on more wedding stuff.  Though should have known to get off the computer when I started not feeling well but  of course I pushed it.  Just like I'm doing right now.

Back to basketball, the championship game is tonight. The match up is going to be tough as Villanova will be playing North Carolina in the championship game.  I'm feeling both excited and nervous as we all know this isn't going to be an easy match up.  As well as Villanova is playing right now, North Carolina is playing equally as well.

All I can say is....May the best team win. Game on, lets go Villanova!

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