Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Women Vote

As a woman I felt extremely insulted by Madeleine Albright's recent comment in regards to Hillary Clinton's campaign...."There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women."

Reminds me of the childish people on social media who will drop friends and followers simply because they don't like their political beliefs or opinions.  What happened to being open minded, and sharing opinions in an intelligent manner as not to offend others.  It's only through differences that we learn. I personally like to hear others opinions, like to learn why and how they feel or think the way they do.

Back to Madeleine, so she was insinuating since a woman is running we as women should automatically support and give her our vote.   As if we don't care what she stands for?  In my opinion it was a dumbing down moment for women.  As if we don't have the intelligence to choose the best candidate.

There are many women who will probably want to give Hillary their vote simply because she is a woman.  Truth is I would like nothing better than to see a woman run this country.  Heck if I could get the votes I'd run for president. ;)  But I won't just give my vote to any woman who decides to run.

Even though I'm a registered Republican I don't consider myself a true Democrat or Republican.  You see my opinions and thoughts consists of beliefs shared by both parties.  It's why I don't like the whole party thing in this country.  I'd like to see people run on what they stand for than having to run based on what a party stands for. It seems so ridiculous making people believe in a certain set of beliefs to be part of a political party so they can run for office.  In reality there should be many more political parties to reflect all the variances in beliefs.

But back to voting. I take the time to research all candidates before making a decision of who to vote for office.  I don't give my vote based on party, race, sex or whatever else.  I base my vote on who I truly think can help this country and the American people the most.  Quite frankly there have been elections where I thought neither candidate was suited to be president.  Those are the worst kind of elections where a coin toss actually seems an easier way to decide.

When it comes to this election my first thoughts have this really the best candidates our country has to offer?  And my answer is an emphatic no.  In no way do I think any of these candidates represent the best and most qualified to run this country. 

Like many people I have grown tired of the career politicians who do little to help the actual American citizens. They seem to live in their little words not realizing the struggles that the average American faces everyday, or if they do realize they do little to change or help. 

I believe we need term limits for Senators and Congress people.  They should not be allowed to make politics a lifetime job.  Two terms only for all public office from the President down to state and local yahoos. And how about they get paid minimum wage.  Then, once they are out of office, they have to pay for insurance like we do. Have them pay into an IRA instead of paying them a guaranteed retirement salary.....let's see how they like living like regular folk. Guarantee things change a whole lot more quickly if such policies were in effect.

I'm trying to refrain from getting too annoying and whining here.  But when is the last time this country can say we truly had a successful president who truly understood the plight of the average American?  Who actually helped this country not hurt it?

When it comes to Hillary what holds me back from wanting to vote for her are such things as her disgraceful handling of Benghazi, White Water fiasco, the classified email server debacle, her dishonest nature, past scandals, too liberal, even her lack of backbone to leave her lying, cheating scumbag husband reveals a weakness that I don't want in a president. She was even a registered Republican back in 1964. Madeleine Albright can say whatever she likes about us women voters, but this chick is not going to just give her vote to a woman for the sake of voting for another woman.

Who I vote for will be determined by a huge pro/con list, and how the republicans handle their nomination.  Already I feel the Republicans are scheming to steal the nomination from who the people vote.

Quite frankly I'm tired of all the bashing on the Republican side.  The Republicans had a few decent candidates running but they have all pretty much dropped out of the race, except Kasich who is hanging in but with very weak numbers.  Rubio's comment the other day about the size of a man's hand all but had me cringing, serious dude are we in junior high?  It's hard to believe these are grown men saying such things.  Honestly both the Democrats and Republicans need to reevaluate their party's as their presidential candidates have been extremely weak over the past two decades. Coupled with both poor actions, behaviors, spending habits and overall inability to change is bringing our country down.

Also tired of the constant bashing of Trump, love him or hate him at least he isn't afraid to hold back his true opinions.  He's not trying to be politically correct which is actually refreshing.  Of course he's got negatives just like every other candidate of both parties.  While I might not exactly be able to explain it, I like that he's running.  I like that a non political guy is in the race, and would like to see more of that in the future.

Why not try something different? It would be interesting to see how a non career politician would run this country.  Given the state of the United States anything new is worth trying. Can't be any worse than the reign of Obama these past eight years.  Just think both parties need to wake up and start listening to what the American people want!  Hello we the average people of the United States are struggling, we need someone who will fight for us and our rights.

In some sense my vote is still up for grabs. Until both parties have officially nominated a candidate I assume most people's are.  It will be very interesting to see what happens.

Of course if all else fails this election, maybe we could convince Charlie Hunnam to run for president as an independent. Or could we just take his character Jax Teller....make for a real interesting candidate for sure.  Imagine a candidate who believed in anarchy?  With the way this country is heading nothing would surprise me.  Of course imagine the chaos that would ensue around the world if we had such a hot president, bet there would be plenty of Monica Lewinsky types coming out of the woodwork to volunteer to help out. ;) 

So if we can't decide on a candidate to vote for, shall we just write Charlie's name in for an independent?  All in favor vote yeah or nah.

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