Friday, March 11, 2016

The Day In the ER

So since Saturday I've been having abdominal pain that radiated through my back as well.  Initially thought it might be some type of muscle strain but as it got worse began to question that idea. Saturday was horrible, as felt very nausea and stomach pain as the night went on.  The pain and nausea were up and down for days.

Tylenol and heating pads weren't exactly helping either.  Since my doctor wasn't available I went to the urgent care yesterday. They put something on my finger, made an odd face and then took me right back.  Then I hear them say they may need to transfer me to the ER.  What?

So I'm asking them a million questions, getting no answers but feeling frustrated as to what is going on.  Why aren't they telling me what that little finger test showed. Why are they saying I may need the ER. It was crazy.  Plus the fact that I had not eaten anything yet that morning was making me feel horrible.  Kept trying to explain the the nurse that I dry heave when my stomach gets too empty or hungry.  But of course they didn't listen and gave me a shot of Zofran in my ass for nausea.  A few saltines would have done the trick.

Anyway, after a urine test they inform me they think I have a serious bladder, possible kidney infection.  They write all these prescriptions for me to take, saying I need to have labs and maybe even a scan done but they don't have that capability there.  If in 12 hours I didn't feel better to go to ER.  Feeling unsure of their diagnosis something told me to just head to the ER.  When I asked the doctor what he thought he said he couldn't tell me what to do but that it might be a good idea.

So after talking it over with my family they agreed I should just go to ER.  Once there I waited a little but then they took me back started labs right away and informed me given the area of pain they felt a Cat Scan was needed. Ugh.....I'm not fond of tests that involve radiation or dyes but since it was the sixth day of feeling the pain agreed.

They gave me two hours to drink the contrast dye, which wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  But when it came to going in the scan I panicked, I'm laying them telling the techs what a complete baby I am, and yes I may have shed a tear over having iodine dye injected.  The thought of anything unnatural and chemical being injected freaked me out. And then knowing scans aren't great for the body just added fuel to the fire, and still is!  Luckily the techs agreed with me, and all said they feel the same way about such tests.

Luckily the man came by as his presence definitely help calm me.  He kept telling me how cute I looked in my gown. Bonus points for him. ;)

The scan came back 20 minutes later they informed me my appendix looked okay, my kidney showed a few very small cysts, might have a fibroid as well but they didn't think those were source of all the pain I've been feeling.  Doctor came back in to say she felt it was some sort of virus or even minor food poisoning of some sort.   Even though I still felt the pain they released me saying if it got worse or any other symptoms developed to come back.

Oh yeah but before they released me the blood pressure machine went off alerting them my reading was too low.  So more people came in, took another reading of my pressure and were debating whether to give me more fluids. I tend to have very low pressure to begin with. 

But who is one suppose to believe. Urgent cares says they think it's a serious bladder or kidney issue. ER disagrees saying their test show little to prove that.  Two tests done on same day two hours apart and both come back different. Meanwhile I'm still in pain, and a little worried as the idea this abdominal and back pain is just a virus of some sort seems odd.

What a crazy day.  It happened to be a record setting weather day too with temperature in the 80's and I missed the entire beautiful day. The ER was packed, and the waiting area was even more packed.  When you see such sights it makes you realize how much we take our health for granted. It's an eye opening and extremely enlightening experience.

Meanwhile I'm still very much panicking about having those dyes in my system and having to go through a scan like that. Those tests are no joke, they take a toll on the body as well.

There are a lot of things out of our control but realizing more and more how important it is to eat healthy, to exercise and do everything possible to help ourselves too.  Sometimes it's even crazier to think that we can do all the right things and still not feel good. How is that possible, it can be so frustrating.

Sometimes wish the world could understand the bigger picture too.  We make dangerous chemicals that leach into the air, water,  foods, products and even on such things as flooring or furniture in our houses.  It's even scary the pesticides that are used on our food. Our bodies have a lot to fend and fight off everyday.  But to a certain extent the control is in our possession yet we continue to poison our beautiful earth we've been given.

Days like yesterday make me realize that while medical and technology have made huge improvements over time, there is still a long ways to go.  Still so many unknowns. There will still always be a certain extent that is beyond our control.  But what we can control we should work harder at improving especially when it comes to our environment, and food or water sources.

Anyway, sitting hunched over the computer probably isn't all that great for the pain either so I'm going to try to rest and relax.  Though might have to relearn the meaning of relax as it's something I'm not very familiar with nor very good at. ;)

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