Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Social Media and Politics

It's been said politics brings out the worst in people, to a certain extent I would have to agree with it. Especially after reading this political rant a friend posted on Facebook the other day. If  I had to give advice on what not to say this would be a poster for it.

"Public Service Announcement: I am going to put this nicely....if you are reading this and you have either voted for or plan to vote for Donald Trump either in the primary or in the general election, please delete me as a FB friend. Immediately.

We can still hang out have a beer and chill. But deep down inside I think you are a stain on the fabric of this country that is helping to empower a moronic f*cktard of an Ass-hat to the point of giving him nuclear missile launch codes. The fact that you would even entertain the idea of voting for Trump makes me scared of you and voting for him makes me question your mental stability and intellectual capabilities. There is no way a douchebag like Trump should never be a POTUS and your enabling that to happen wants me to punch you in the neck.

So for all parties concerned, it's best that we not be FB friends during the election season or else I will have to let everyone I know how much of a dim-witted, fascist, racist, misogynistic fucktard you are. Cuz, the USA is a representative democracy....one where we vote for someone who believes in the same ideas as ourselves. And if you claim that your aren't any of those things, then you are a plain old moron for thinking Trump should be President. Period. And, I don't like you. And, you're as big a moronic f*cktard as Trump.

OH...and don't forget.....Donald Trump wants to f*ck his daughter. He literally said that....

This concludes the Public Service Announcement...we will return to our previously programming schedule of marginally funny memes..."

It probably should be signed idiot. but to say that would be resorting to his immature ways right?  We all have our opinions but there is no reason that people cannot find a more humane, intelligent way to discuss and express them that doesn't involve insulting others.

But then again isn't that all a reflection of the direction our society is headed?  We are a nation that forgets that with freedom comes a certain responsibility as well.

Serious there are certain subjects that cause people to lose all perspective on life, and what it means to be a decent human.  No one should resort to name calling or slandering others simply because they have different beliefs or ideals.  And no one should be considered less than another simply because they differ in their beliefs.

This particular friend has taken to calling his own friends morons, douche bags, losers, idiots, stupid, etc, I'm avoiding even mentioning some of them because they are just inappropriate. And who is he to judge anyone like that?

Think this election has brought out such craziness because so people have reached their limit.  They are tired of not having their voice heard, tired of promises and help that go unanswered, tired of working their asses off only to still barely be able to survive.  They desperately want change, yet what that change looks like varies. So many live in fear of those who differ from them as well.

Truth is crime rates are sky rocketing, the cost of living keeps rising, good paying jobs seems scarce, health insurance and medical care have become unaffordable for many hardworking Americans, the news is filled with terrorists who want to ruin the good of this world, we have cities and towns consumed by drugs and addictions, education system that is failing, military vets who are not being taken care of, the list of things that need help is long. And those things will never be addressed nor fixed if the people of the United States can't find away to set aside their differences and work together.

Instead of bashing others on social media, people should use this amazing technology to instead work on making the country and world better. People should feel free to express their beliefs and opinions but in ways that don't hurt others. To listen more and judge less.  Instead of complaining and whining people should try to be the change they wish to see.

It's sad that we can't show respect for others opinions, thoughts or views.  And disappointing that people can't feel free to express how they feel or think without being attacked, harassed or worse. It's exactly why people are afraid to express their views publicly or on social media. Which is sad.

The beauty of America is we have freedoms other countries only dream of, the ugly part is we take those freedoms for granted.  Instead of trying to work together to create a better world we close our minds and alienate each other believing our beliefs are some how better than others.  When is this country ever going to learn to put their differences aside and work together toward a common goal.

Until everyone can put their differences aside, open their minds and work together things will never truly change.


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