Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Musings

I'm over the weather. Feel like mother nature is teasing us with the one or two really nice days only to be followed by chilly, cloudy days.  By March consistent sunny, warm days is all I crave!

The weekend was busy.  Saturday was the man's birthday, he turned 40. So we had a little family celebration.  Also took Cooper to the local pet store, where he got to check out his ferret and bird friends.  Always feel so bad to see any animal caged up.  You know those pretty birds shouldn't be caged, God gave them wings to fly!

Villanova played in the Sweet Sixteen Saturday night and beat Kansas.  It was a great game, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.  All the excitement made it hard to even fathom sleeping.

Sunday was Coopers birthday, our little man turned two!  Hard to believe two years have gone by already, where does time go?  Of course it was Easter too. So we spent the day at my family's house. My sister is feeling better though the virus left her feeling very fatigued.  Simple tasks become exhausting when recovering from such stuff.  Given the baby is due in four weeks she and everyone else is feeling a little nervous!

Easter was fun though, and of course the food was delicious.  Holidays seem to go by quickly, never seems you get enough time with the ones you love. The day exhausted us as think we were all pretty much sleeping by 10. ha

Feels like we have a lot on our plate.  Still working on wedding stuff, and now add looking for a house to that list.  Our lease is up in July, we literally have four months to find a house. And this time we are thinking about buying not renting.  Exciting stuff but not sure we are going to find a place in four months within our budget.  Of course the housing market has once again seemed to sky rocket, why didn't we buy when the market plummeted.  Plus there are finances to get in order as the procrastinator man still insists on putting everything off until the last minute.  It drives me crazy!

Sometimes I really just want to move some where warm again.  My soul is happiest living by the beach and ocean.  There are moments where I still miss living in San Diego. Yet to move to a warm place again would mean to be far from family, something I just can't fathom doing.  Lets face it even the most beautiful places feel empty without the people we love most to share it with. It seems like sometimes we can't have the best of both worlds no matter how much we desire certain things. Unless of course we are millionaires who can afford houses on both coasts.

Today I'm in one of those moods where I just don't want to deal with anything especially other peoples crap. Feel like telling everyone else to deal with it.ha   Those are the days I probably should stay away from social media sites like twitter.  As I'm not one afraid to express moods or opinions. ;) Though I'm also trying to stay off computer as been on it way too much again, in fact it's bringing on dizziness spells again.

Meanwhile I've done about five loads of laundry, vacuumed and mopped house, bathed Cooper, unloaded dishwasher and so apparently I'm in the cleaning mood!  Some how I always seem to manage to have a million to do lists.

One of those things on my list was to print photos. Fell about two years behind in uploading and printing the various holidays and other moments.  The one thing I dislike about photos on the iphone is they aren't in 4x6 ratio so they all needed to be edited and cropped which takes way too much time. Need to find a better way to print them or maybe just go back to using a regular digital camera. On Thursday I ordered around 245 prints from Walmart and surprising they arrived by Saturday.  Now if only I would get better with sharing more photos on my blog.

Though the man complained Saturday when I tried to snap some photos as he didn't like his hair. Hence the backward baseball cap in the photo.  It's your birthday dude, you should have known there would be some photos taken and looked the part.  It was late when I took this photo anyway, we were watching game in our pjs with our Villanova t shirts on.

Enough yapping for today...back to work I go!

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