Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Musings

So the weather is all over lately.  Spring like one week, cold the next. We even had some snow flurries yesterday though it's suppose to warm up again.  Sure hope so as it's hard to be given a taste of Spring, even Summer like temperatures only to have them taken away so quickly.

The week was crazy!  That pain I mentioned two weeks ago has been lingering.  On Friday it was hard to move.  Saw a little rash on my back so doctor said to come in Saturday morning for her to check it out.  It took almost two hours of waiting Saturday but eventually got in to see her, patients should receive a discount when doctors aren't on time.  It sucks having to sit in a stuffy room with people suffering from contagious stuff!

Anyway....she looks at rash on back and thinks it could be shingles.  Even though it would not exactly be the standard textbook case but doctor thinks it could explain the pain.  We are unsure of that diagnosis as it just doesn't seem to match up with what we read or keep seeing images of.  There's a lot that still just doesn't make sense.  Overall I'm just not feeling 100%, and now even the dizziness appears to be flaring again.  Serenity now!

Meanwhile my sister is still fighting pneumonia and complications from the flu, the doctor ordered her to stay home again this week from work.  It's very hard for her right now, even trying to do simple tasks is leaving her exhausted. She has missed three weeks of work as well, and my sister isn't the type to just take off so I know it's hard for her. Its her birthday too. So keep those prayers coming for her it would be greatly appreciated! 

We had our wedding tasting on Wednesday, the food was delicious.  In fact it was hard to pick just two entrees.  Still have a lot to do. With about 5 months to go I still have no dress.  The bridal stores informed me if I wait much longer they won't be able to order one in time.  Even ordered a dress I  loved online but when it arrived the top was beige instead of white and it didn't fit at all. 

Being tiny, having simple taste and wanting to keep the dress under $1000 is making it even harder. My ideal dress would be ballerina but they don't seem to make that style anymore.  And more than one bridal shop has informed me their prices started at $1800 and above. Yikes, for a dress that one only wears once? Sorry but those kind of prices make no sense to me. I'm an idealistic when it comes to some things but more a realistic when it comes to spending money on a dress or even clothes. 

March Madness is consuming a lot of our time.  Saturday we watched basketball and food shopped. Fun stuff folks.  Sunday we drove up to Brooklyn for the Villanova basketball game, and for the first time in almost a decade of buying tickets online got scammed!  Yup that's right. Tune in tomorrow for that crazy and rather hilarious story. It got us both fired up, and today we are still trying to calm down about it.

For now I got a list of things that need to get done. 

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