Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Musings

So there was snow on Friday but hopefully that will be it for Winter, as the weather here is warming up.  Maybe the ground hog was right about Spring coming early!

As for writing I haven't been so good at that lately.  Even missing my favorite posts of all Woof Wednesday this week.  Problem is there has been so much research and work to do on the computer as of late that it leaves little time for posting to the blog.  Remember I'm working with limited time allowed on the computer due to the dizziness issues.  The way the computer affects my brain with the dizziness definitely makes getting all I want to accomplish much harder.

The man was away in Florida visiting his father for six days, so it's just been me and Cooper hanging out all week.  Got a lot of errands done early in the week, than spent way too much time on computer doing work. Some how the man always seems to have nice little get aways.  It was planned last minute, or else I might have went.  He got to go to a ski resort in the mountains back in January for work for a week, and now sunny Florida.  Feel like I'm lagging on the vacations, in fact it's been over 6 years since I've been on a true vacation. We went to Barbados back in 2009 I believe. The world traveler has become the home traveler. ha

Meanwhile, we had been planning for months to have a girls day with my mom, sister and niece to shop for wedding dresses on Saturday but life had other plans.

My sister who is 8 months pregnant came down with the flu, even in spite of the flu shot the doctors insisted she get, she still came down with it.  And things are not good.  Her pregnancy is already considered high risk, every day for months she has to give her belly shots of blood thinner.  And every week goes for check ups, ultra sounds and echocardiograms as well.  Now this.

She had a fever doe days which they can't get down, even with constant Tylenol. Which is just about all they can give her at this point.  She is a teacher and is going to be out of work for a little as the doctors told her no work until fever is down and she feels better. My brother in law is taking off work to care for her. And my niece is playing nurse.

In addition to a constant fever, she has a terrible cough, can barely talk and her whole body is hurting.  Please I ask anyone who reads this to say a prayer for her and the baby. The flu is never a good thing to come down with for an average healthy person, but it's worse for a high risk pregnant woman.  I simply ask everyone to pray and send positive thoughts to Jenn.

Given the time crunch my mother and I still went dress shopping on Saturday. Though of course we could barely focus because we were worried about my sister and of course missing her too.  We visited five bridal shops, and had little success in finding a dress.  They were all too fancy, expensive and some just weighed me down. The girl who was helping me put me in this one dress and I wasn't sure anyone could even find me in it, needless to say we all had a good laugh.

So not sure what I'm going to do but think a simply white formal dress would be more me than a fancy, big wedding dress.  I'm a jeans, t shirt and flip flop girl, so want a simple yet elegant dress that reflects that.

Sunday I ran a bunch of errands. Feel like there is so much that needs to get done.  Sometimes the hardest part is trying to decide.  For instance I need new eye glasses but cannot decide which ones feel, fit or look the best.  Also want to order a dress online but can't decide between sizes. Size charts are impossible as the 0 says 25 waist and 36 hips. Well I have a 27 waist and 31 hips. So my hips aren't on any adult size chart and my waist would be a 4 according to them.  Go figure.

Saturday night, Sunday and even today still I've got stomach pains, my mom thinks I might have pulled  stomach muscles trying on some of the dresses.  As some of them felt so tight, heavy and were hard to get in to. Not sure if that is the cause of the pain but whatever it is, is still very much lingering.  Woke up at 4 am with it two nights in a row. So I'm going to try to take it easy with a herbal heat pack or two.  And since the weather is warm spent a little time outside letting Cooper run around and play.  Of course there is more computer work to do but it's already irritated the dizziness too much so might have to put that on back burner for now.

Today the man is arriving home, it will be nice to have him back. As it did get a little lonely without him here. 

When the beach chair comes out Mr Cooper knows exactly what to do. :)

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