Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Woof Wednesday

Welcome to Woof Wednesday. Please meet some great dogs from CA,  NJ, NY, PA and TX all in need of good, loving homes!
Oso is a Beagle/Dachshund mix who is around 5 months old.  This little puppy needs a home where he can learn what it means to be part of a family and be loved. Please lets find him a loving home!
Oso # A4921410 - Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles County Animal Control - Downey
11258 South Garfield Avenue
Downey, CA 90242
(562) 940-6898
 Dorthy is a sweet little Corgie mix and Maude is a beautiful hound mix. These best buddies are looking for a home together. Their owner passed away and then they were dumped at a shelter. They are great dogs, they love each other and they would be great family pets.  They are playful and sweet. Please lets find them a great home!

Dorthy and Maude - Mt Laurel, NJ
Dorthy and Maude
Animal Sanctuary Society Inc.
PO Box 24
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054
(856) 642-0004
Abel is a Labrador Retriever/ Pit mix who is 18 months old and weights 50 lbs. We saved Abel from the NYC ACC, he was emaciated and weighed 25 lbs.  He would do well with a submissive dog who likes to play either male or female.  He does have separation anxiety and cannot be left alone for more than a couple ho urs until he gets use to his environment. He can stay in a crate and he is house trained. Abel is very affectionate and just wants to hug and kiss. Abel.  Walks great on a leash and prefers men but warms up to women quickly. Abel is a doll and needs a home so he can relax and feel loved.  The rescue will provide any supportive care that is necessary such as supplies and a trainer. Please consider opening your heart and home to wonderful Abel.  Please lets find him a good home!
Abel - New York, NY
 Rescue Dogs Rock, Inc
PO Box 101 Gracie Station
New York, NY 10028
Tanner is a Yorkshire/Chihuahua mix. He is beautiful little guy. Tanner was rescued from a hoarding situation down south. When he was rescued, it was discovered that he had a heart condition called PDA. We raised the money and had little Tanner's heart fixed. He is now 100% healthy and looking for his forever home. Tanner is about 6 1/2 pounds and 5 months old. He gets along with everyone. Please lets find him a loving home!
Tanner - Parker Ford, PA
Forever Home Rescue
PO Box 44
Parker Ford, PA 19457
Fuzzy is a Hound mix.  He is around 6 months old and will eventually weigh 30 lbs. Please lets find him a great home!
 Fuzzy - Parker Ford, PA
Forever Home Rescue
PO Box 44
Parker Ford, PA 19457
Wookie is a young Siberian Husky /German Shepherd mix.  He is sitting at the local county shelter hoping to find a family of his own to love.  Please lets find him a good home!
Wookie - Conroe, TX
Montgomery County Animal Service Center
8535 State Highway 242
Conroe, TX 77385
(936) 442-7738

Mollie is an Australian Shepherd /Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix. She is an extremely good natured dog. She is good with children, pets, cats and people.  She is 100% potty trained.  She can adapt to any household.  She would be an ideal pet for those that want to skip the puppy, chewing and potty training stage but still want a young dog who will keep the gang company. Let me repeat no biting, barking or accidents. Mollie also likes to trot around the yard with a grin on her face and take snoozes while you watch TV.  Please lets find her a loving home!

Mollie - Houston, TX

 Adopt A Rescued Friend, Inc
P. O. Box 62736
Houston, TX 77205
(832) 539-4004

 No paw left behind our mission!

 {Please keep in mind a dog is lifetime commitment. They need attention, love and time just like we do. In addition, adding a pet to the family does cost money in the way of food, health care, training,etc. So before adopting make sure you are willing to make that kind of commitment and have the resources to do so.}

If you want to be a part of Woof Wednesdays email Ann Michele, Lauren or leave a comment. Or simply start posting about dogs in need of a home on your blog or facebook page

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