Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Musings

Shall we talk about the Super Bowl?  The Broncos won, they are the man's team so the man was elated.  He was in full on sports watching talking unless it had to do with sports, serious sports face, yelling at the tv and sitting on the edge of his sit.  They weren't the favorites to win but they proved the spreads wrong.  Given it was more of a defensive match up it was not very interesting for the average watcher.

What does the Broncos winning around here mean?  The man will get another tattoo to signify the win.  He took off work because....well in his mind his team being in the big game gives him a good excuse.  He watched highlights all night, today and will for years to come.   The man is obsessed with sports the way other man are obsessed with sex.  Yup I really just said that!  ;)

Lets talk half time show, in my opinion Coldplay was awesome!  Love there music and was disappointed to see some criticizing them on social media.  One chick commented that all Coldplay fans are sorry chickie but this girl does not smoke and happens to love their music.  Good example of why we should not judge others. Okay but I feel like judging for a moment too because what is with BeyoncĂ©....why does she always wear those bodysuits, her act feels
monotonous.  Lady Gaga on the other hand always seems to be able to reinvent her act, last night she showed a classy, patriotic side that was beautiful and refreshing.

Meanwhile, the niece was over for a play day Friday.  We created, drew, danced, laughed, played and basically enjoyed the moment.  My sister and her stayed for dinner so we got some extra time in as well. Saturday the man and I laid low.  The house needed cleaning and sports basically consumed the tv.  Already missing Sons of Anarchy.  Going to have to find another show like it as it was such a great distraction and something to let the mind become engrossed in every night.  Nothing like a good distraction!

I've been battling ear pain, which seems to radiate to my tooth as well.  Feeling slightly panicked as not sure if it's from a lingering cold or it's an indication of a dental issue.  The ladder of which would not be good especially financially.

Been thinking a lot lately about stress, is life ever not stressful?  Just feel like there is always something to stress about. When one stressor is resolved another seems to appear.  Is that life's way of teaching us lessons, and helping us learn?  Life isn't so much about avoiding stress but learning how to live and deal with it effectively.

Right now we have a lot on our plates.  In a mere seven months we need to buy a house and plan a wedding.  For two people on a very strict budget it feels almost impossible.  That plan also involves paying off the last of the man's debts.  Short of winning the lottery just not sure how we are going to pull it all off.  Probably why I'm not sleeping well lately because subconsciously it's all weighing on me. The man amazes me with his ability to just ignore the very stuff that keeps me up at night.

Even the prospect of marriage has me feeling slightly unnerved. After almost ten years of living together we feel married, so I weigh the pros and cons of rocking the boat to make the union official in the ideas of the law and God.  Taking those vows isn't something I take lightly. Occasionally
worry the ways in which we are opposite might eventually cause issues. Sometimes even
think I can be a commitment phobic of sorts when it comes to certain things in life. Oh well.

In trying to plan a wedding I also realize how expensive they are, and now I understand why so many can't afford to get married. It's truly insane the cost of even a dress that a woman only wears once.  And photography and video prices are even more crazy. How did prices get so out of hand?  I just cannot fathom spending such enormous amounts of money for a few hour event, rather put that toward a house. And that's where I'm feeling torn and stressed.  Even a backyard wedding costs with all the rental fees is more costly than I imagined.

If I'm all over the place in this post today, it's probably a great reflection of my thoughts at the moment.

What better photo to share today than of the boys in their Bronco jerseys.  Don't let Cooper fool you he also sports an Eagles jersey for mommy's team too.  He knows how to make everyone happy, and of course get lots of treats too!

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