Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Musings

With temperatures warming into the 60's it felt like Spring yesterday.  Even though we are still technically in Winter I'm grateful for the warmer weather, especially after last year's harsh cold weather.

The week was a busy one with plenty of lists to do which seemed to take up much of the week.

The weekend felt equally as busy.  We had a bunch of things planned. Though Saturday evening we were able to relax by trying out a new restaurant.  We sort of stumbled upon it, luckily it was good.  Though I didn't exactly dress for the colder evening weather, and spent much of the night cold. ha 

Pretty much any temperature below 75 seems to leave me feeling chilly.  That's where Winter drives me crazy as I'm not one who likes to have to wear a lot of layers, but always feeling cold kind of makes me have to wear layers which just doesn't fit my style of dress. I'm much more a cute t shirt and jeans kind of girl but when you live in a colder climate it's hard to wear just that.  Hence why I should really live some where warm again!  ;)

Sunday we had another meeting to do with wedding stuff.  And since the weather was so nice we made sure to give Cooper some time running around outside as well.  By later afternoon think we all needed a nap.  Homemade chili was on the menu for dinner too!

We've been trying to find new shows to get into in the evenings but not having as much like finding something we love as much as SOA.  Of course we have been watching the political debates too and just laughing at the absurdity of both parties.  Honestly there should be a ban placed on negative slandering of any candidate, and any candidate who does it should be automatically disqualified.  The negativity and inability to work together, to do the right thing is what makes politics so incredibly annoying and frustrating.  And yes I actually do tweet my opinions to the candidates in both parties, not like they actually care or listen but figure it can't hurt. ha

This Monday I'm not exactly feeling inspired to post much on the blog or to even write for that matter.  Some days are just like that.  I'm in a much more introspective mood it's one of those days that if possible I would spend it gardening.  Since the weather isn't warm enough for that just yet it really isn't an option. 

Though I'm rather sore from wiping out on the hardwood floor while playing with Cooper.  If only I could train him to fetch some ice, though I did receive lots of doggie kisses.  Play hard or don't play at all right?  Have to remind myself of that when I'm sore tomorrow.  Having said that it's time to put the feet up and simply relax!

Taking photos is at an all time low over here but of course I captured this one of Mr Cooper working hard so had to share.  Maybe he could take over my blog on those days I don't feel inspired to write.  :)

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