Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Musings

Warmer spring like temperatures are a pleasant surprise this week, though they bring rain with them too.  There has been too much wetness not enough sunny days to let the ground dry out.  Our backyard is a muddy mess which leads to Cooper coming in with some very muddy paws!

Spent much of last week working on wedding stuff, honestly cannot believe how much goes into planning even a small wedding.  Contacting vendors about availability, pricing and then setting up times to meet isn't exactly my idea of fun.  I'm more type A in that I like things accomplished right away instead of having to compare services and waiting.  Just want to hire the first available and move on to the next. ha  

The man has been extremely busy at work, so he tends to come home mentally and physically tired.  Probably the hardest part about our relationship is our different energy levels.  My hyper self comes with more of an energy level of like 'lets do this, lets do that'. Where as the mans non hyper self comes more with an energy level more like 'lets just rest'.  At times it creates tension when we can't get on the same page. ;)

Friday we basically ordered in and caught up on some tv.  Saturday we had a little family party for our birthdays. Luckily the weather was gorgeous, we are talking 60 and warm.  It felt more like April which was a refreshing change!  If only all of winter could be so nice.  When my family comes together it feels like a whirlwind, and the day always seems to go too quickly. 

Though was a little worried about the man as he was having problems with his legs, they felt very wobbly and weak. He came home from the party and pretty much fell right asleep.  Wish he would make more of a conscious effort to adapt a healthy diet and lifestyle. He spends too much time sitting on the couch and eating junk food. It's even evident from the weight he's put on while we've been together.  When we first met he was really skinny.

Sunday the man spend the day on the couch while I did some work and few errands too.  After a few hours on the couch I usually get bored and want to find something a little more engaging to do.

Since we completely SOA we haven't had anything nearly as entertaining or fun to watch in the evenings.  We started a show called Narcos which is okay but it has a lot of spanish subtitles at bottom of screen which distract from actually watching the snow.  And honestly it's missing something Sons of Anarchy men!  Of course watching hot man can be tough as the mind wanders to all kinds of fantasies if you get my drift.  Fantasies that can't always be lived out in reality. It's the truth! haha

Today feels like a hodge podge of stuff to get done.  At least it's a great day to be outside!

Took more than our share of photos but of course have nothing ready to post.  That's when I wonder does anyone read blogs or do they just prefer to skip right to the photos....


  1. I read blogs :) Your Monday Musings happens to be one of my favorites. I love your authenticity and vulnerability in sharing your life. xo

  2. Aw thanks! I'm probably too honest but that's the only way to live an authentic life right. :)


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