Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Musings

Artic air officially moved in over the weekend as temperatures plummeted to wind chills of -10.  Cold is not even an accurate description of how it felt.  Snow is falling as I write, a few inches is forecasted which is suppose to change into ice before temperatures rise producing heavy rain.  At least it's suppose to warm up!

Today is officially my birthday too. Celebrations sometimes felt awkward,  used to cringe at the thought of getting older, especially after turning 35.  It seemed like another year to dread in the getting old process. There were even times I used to lie about my age.  But now that seems silly as age is simply a number, what we make it is up to us. 

While we can't exactly fight the aging process, we also don't have to bow down to it either.  Life is a gift, any day we get to live it should be celebrated.  And especially the day we came into this world.  I've followed anything but the typical path or so called time line in life, yet learned very valuable lessons because of it.  And possibly the biggest one is to forget about the numbers just live each moment, celebrate each birthday and milestone of life, do what makes you happy and follow your heart.

Meanwhile, the man isn't exactly fond of celebrating holidays let alone birthdays but I'm trying to  help him change that.  He didn't grow up surrounded with all the little things my family did for us that made each birthday and holiday feel so special.  They some how always managed to make even the little things feel s magical.  I always looked forward to the little gifts, flowers and parties they held for us.  To this day if the man doesn't bring me flowers I feel disappointed, but don't dwell on it instead I go buy myself some.

Since I can't eat the standard bakery cake because of my egg allergy usually make homemade eggless cakes. So for my birthday made carrot cake cupcakes, eventually I hope the man learns how to make these eggless cakes too.  And maybe even how to serve breakfast in bed.  In the mean time Cooper is stepping up to help, and daddy wonders why he gets so many rubs.  ;)

The weekend was a busy one.  Saturday my mother and I went to see the wedding venue. Then she took me out to lunch for my birthday.  We went to Miller's Ale house they have the best food, their chicken cheesesteak with mushrooms and peppers is out of this world.   After eating we browsed the mall for dresses. The mall was more crowded than Christmas, there were roped off lines just to get in some stores.  Later on the man took me out for a Valentine's dinner.

Sunday was all about catching up on some laundry, watching a few movies and the man gave me flowers for Valentine's Day as well.  Yup I adore flowers, so much so that I should probably own a flower shop!

Cooper was happy as he got a new toy for Valentine's too.  Though think he would have probably preferred a playdate with a pretty girl dog.  ;)

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