Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Musings

Much of last week was spent being snowed in, that's what happens when you have over 24 ft of snow covering everything.  Quite frankly I'm not the best driver my perception tends to be poor, so when there is ice or snow on the roads I try hard to avoid them as best I can.

The man worked from home Monday as the streets were in poor shape and everyone was still just trying to dig out.  Cooper and I spent a lot of time playing in the snow, as everytime I had to take him out required suiting up in major snow figured we might as well make the most of it.  But after a few days the appeal of all that snow wore off, and now with temperatures warming up it's a muddy mess.  As there's to much snow and no where for it all to melt.

So far I'm sticking with my mission to commit to working out again.  Trying to walk treadmill four times a week, with free hand weights twice a week and yoga two to three times a week as well.  Maybe it's a little too ambitious of a schedule to start with, so just hoping I can stick with it.  For me the hardest part of working out as I get older is just sticking with it.  Sometimes its hard to fit in, or feel good enough to do it and other days it's just hard to get motivated.

The man and I ordered in Friday, spent the time night catching up on shows on our dvr.  Saturday was all about getting stuff done around the house, the man relaxed watching college basketball and we went out for dinner to Red Robin.  Which seems to have become our new favorite burger joint. Decided to try the mushroom burger, lets just say it lived up to its description and more....overall a great dinner!

We stopped by Walmart on the way home to pick up yet another vacuum. We go through vacuums like some go through candy.  Seriously after one or two years they just lose their suction.  We have tried various brands but all result in same issues.  Read on consumer reports that the average vacuum should last at least 5 years but that many don't. Why?!  Does it have something to do with everything being built in China these days?  Do industries just build things poorly so consumers will have to buy new things every so many years and spend more money?   It's crazy how nothing seems built to last anymore.  And if you happen to be reading this, and know of a spectacular vacuum for which you would highly recommend please comment below with the make and model.  Thanks. :)

Also dealt with major head pressure and a nagging kind of headache all weekend.  Probably related to hormones but nonetheless it was bringing on some dizziness which isn't exactly pleasant and makes sleeping difficult. 

Sunday was all about food shopping, and it was mobbed!  Guess last week's snowstorm kept everyone in so this weekend people were out in full force.  Seriously the supermarket shelves were wiped clean of many items.  And we aren't talking some small grocery store, we were shopping at one of those super Giant's.  We literally had to wait for a spot that how crowded the parking lot was, it looked like the mall at Christmas.  Luckily we some how got in and out with too much of a hassle considering we did our big monthly shop.

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention we are ploughing through Sons of Anarchy.  Only one more episode to watch, the show finale!  We surprised ourselves by how much we love the show and wanted to watch it every night. It was always hard to just watch one episode, we would start one and three episodes later realize how late it was.  Took us about two months to watch all 7 seasons.  And we are going to miss it.  So now have to think about what to watch next, and hope we can find something that holds our attention just as much! 

Well that's all the musings for today.  Got to start making some chili for dinner! 

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