Friday, January 8, 2016

Technology Malfunctions

This week there have been plenty of malfunctions.  In this great day and age of technology advancements I find things just don't seem to be built to last.  It's more like they build things to last a few years as opposed to a few decades. 

For instance we have only had our Vornado whole room heater maybe two years, already it's stopped working.  Of course it chose to stop working during the coldest week of the Winter so far.  It's frustrating when something so recently purchased malfunctions.  Find myself mumbling things just aren't built to last anymore.

Then when I'm tasked with scanning bunches of paperwork that need to be submitted as soon as possible our all in one printer/copier/fax/scanner machine decides to malfunction.  Again this multi printer is not even two years old yet.

I'm not the only one a friend has a fairly recent dryer that has stopped heating.  Remember growing up we had appliances that lasted for decades, now people are lucky if appliances make it one decade.  A washer repair man even told me how it's easier and cheaper to fix the old machines as compared to the new ones.  Even heard mechanics say how it was easier to fix cars before they were equipped with such digital technology stuff.

Computers and phones become outdated within a few years.  How can anyone afford to keep up with technology, nor afford to fix such things when they start having issues within a few years of buying them.  The average person just doesn't have that kind of money.  Warranties these days seem to come with so many clauses that half the time they don't cover the problems, it ends up costing more to fix the stuff than just replace it.

The bigger question is why are things not built to last?  One has to wonder if they do this on purpose so that companies make more money only a few years later when such technology breaks down.  Or is it poor materials and workmanship causing such early malfunctions?  Do companies spend too much time cutting corners trying to save money that the products suffer, this I don't even have to ponder but believe to be true.

We live in a day and age where practically everyone is dependent on some kind of technology.  Government, transit, schools, stores and even such things as doctors offices can be completely shut down when the technology and machines they depend on malfunction.  It's scary to think we have become to dependent on technologies that seem to have such weaknesses and malfunction so easily.

For now my Vornado is on it's way back to it's manufacturer to be examined and hopefully fixed.  Meanwhile have to try to find the receipt for the Epson multi printer to see what can be done, if anything to fix it.  Ah the joys of technological malfunctions!

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