Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowy Blizzard

Nothing like a blizzard to spice up a normally boring cold January!   This storm has been the topic of conversation all week.  Would everything fall in place to create a winter northeaster.  Weather forecasters were pretty certain the storm was going to happen just not sure how much snow.

Initially they were on moderate side, until blizzard warnings went in effect and snow totals got increased to 18-24 inches.  Needless to say there was the usual rush in the stores for food, shovel, salt and other winter gear.  Not everyone is trusting of forecasts as lets face it there are plenty of times where mother nature has her own plans that no radar seems to be able to predict.  This was not one of those cases though.  In fact, it very well may be a historic storm!

This might be the most accurate the weather experts have been in awhile.  The only thing that deviated from their original forecast was the snow is powdery instead of the heavy, wet snow they believed would occur.  Of course sleet has been mixing in with the snow all afternoon so suppose that could change as well.  The wind is extremely high so there is a real concern of power outages.  With these cold temperatures that would not be good.

And 24 inches even seems low at this point.  The high winds are causing all kinds of tall snow drifts as well.  One drift on the side of the house is just about as tall as me.  We cannot open our front door due to incredibly high piles of snow.  Thank heavens for back doors. ;)  They have declared a snow emergency in the city and surrounding suburbs so basically everything is shut down and they are telling people to stay off the roads. 

Meanwhile, Cooper is loving it!  He is like a little kid when it comes to snow, but then again so am I.  There is a feeling of excitement in the air during such storms.  Have to admit I love to play in snow just as much as him.

So far we have been out three times!  Given it's very cold, windy and the snow is so deep it's hard to stay out for too long.  Walking through such deep snow feels like walking through large san dunes. Couple that with shoveling and it can bring on fatigue quickly. Plus my heart tends to increase at too high of a rate during such heavy physical exertion such as shoveling snow so have to be careful how much I do.

But I'm trying to have as much fun as possible too. Snowstorms like this don't come around every day so it's fun to take advantage of it.  The man has been out once so far, his low energy self much prefers to nap on couch or watch sports, rather than play outside. It's a shame as he misses out on fun.   Meanwhile Cooper and I are outside frolicking in the snow and appreciating the beauty of nature.

Snow makes the cold days of winter a whole lot more exciting, and when it first falls coating everything in a glittery white powder it's so beautiful.

Storm still has a ways to go. Given the amount of snow we may just be snowed in for a few days!

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  1. Oh, that little Cooper! He is so adorable and looks to be having such fun! I will share that my Molly's love for the snow is what makes Winter bearable for me. Sending you warm thoughts! xo


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