Thursday, January 7, 2016


This afternoon I was questioning stuff.....

Such as how is it that the man gets an all expense paid trip to the Poconos for a week with his company for a kick off meeting. Skiing, indoor water park, all meals paid for.  While I'm home working on all the other stuff in our life that needs taking care of.

While I was on the floor with mounds of paperwork surrounding me today, trying to weed through the man's tax returns and other paperwork...the thought that it didn't really seem fair came to mind. How it is I get stuck handling all this stuff came to mind a few times too.

Fact is in our household I basically do everything....inside or outside if it has to be done it's usually me who gets it done.  And it just feels like there is always something that needs to be done, taking away from precious free time to do what I truly desire.

The word simplify came to mind.  When one is surrounded by mounds of paperwork the thought of who needs all this space or stuff takes over, and the idea of simplifying sounds quite appealing. 

It's exactly why the idea of a tiny home is becoming more appealing.  Less house, less stuff would equal less maintenance, and free up more time to do what I or we really desire. 

Of course no matter how tiny the house, until the man gets all his junk cleaned up, especially finances there will always be oodles of work and paperwork to go along with it.  The very stuff he likes to avoid ends up getting him in more trouble by procrastinating.  But maybe if there was less room to put stuff he would learn not to procrastinate as much?  Wishful thinking but it's always possible....

The idea of a tiny house though is anything but wishful thinking, in fact it's becoming more realistic. Some think it would be impossible, others think all our stuff especially clothing would never fit into a tiny home. But I disagree, as we aren't talking crazy small, thinking more on the lines of 850 sq foot.  Designed efficiently with proper storage and with a basement think it would be just what we need. 

Free up time, get us off the couch and out into nature more.  Hardest part would be finding land to build it on.  Around here land comes with a premium price.  So maybe it seems like somewhat of a pipe dream but where there is a dream there is a way right? Or at least sort of.

Maybe big houses represent wealth or the American dream to some but I think smaller houses allow people to spend more time living life and doing what they love. Think about it they cost less not only to buy but to maintain.

Look at these cute cottage homes.  They have a charm all their own.  For now I'm going to work on simplifying, hopefully the perfect house will fall into place when it's meant to.  :)

Small cottage:

Tumbleweed cottage... This is my dream house!:

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