Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oscar Dilemma

With all the hype over boycotts and lack of diversity regarding the Oscars felt like weighing in.  Honestly these award shows seem all the same didn't even realize at first the academy awards were the oscars. So you can see how much they mean to some of us. ha

The all white acting nominees, and even lack of women in certain categories seems to be causing quite the controversy.   But why?  Plenty of difference races and sexes have been nominated in the past, and won.  Isn't it more important for the best talent to be nominated, than for people to be nominated just because of their color or sex? 

Wake up Hollywood maybe the people that were nominated deserve it, maybe it has nothing to do with race.  How do any of these so called celebrities like Jada and Spike even know for a fact that the all white nominees have anything to do with discrimination?   Did they ever stop to consider people simply voted for whom they felt had the best performance. 

Honestly feel it's being completely blown out off proportion.

The man chirped in by wanting to know if the celebrities boycott NBA games siting lack of diversity, because he said there sure isn't much diversity in the NBA these days.  Spike sits in the front row of plenty of basketball games and never complains about that.  Should everything in life be fairly balanced to meet a quota of say race, sex and even age?  Isn't even that discrimination in some odd way too.

I'm not even sure things like Affirmative Action have been all good.  In its original form, minorities and women were to receive “special consideration" in determining entrance to universities, employment hiring, and receiving federal contracts when competing with equally qualified white males.  Affirmative Action has attempted to rid America of discrimination against minorities and women, sometimes at the cost of what has been labeled “reverse discrimination" towards white men.

Yes being a woman I get the plight of how hard it is to be a woman in what many deemed a man's world for centuries.  How hard it is to even get the positions or salaries equal to the so called"white man".  Yet at the same time I don't want to be accepted to any school or given any job just because I'm a woman and they need to fill some quota.  If I don't qualify, or didn't earn the right through hard work and talent than it means little.

Just like I would never want to be nominated for an Academy award just to fill a race or sex quota.  Many feel frustrated and tired of the race or sex card always being used when something goes wrong or someone doesn't get what they feel they deserve.

Lets face it, Hollywood caters to what brings in the most money.  Plain and simple they make films and hire actors based on that.  Yes it would be great to see more diversity regarding age, race and sex in tv shows and films. But honestly it would be great to see more based on talent too.  Hollywood is a superficial place where who you know and what you look like tend to triumph over talent anyways.

There are plenty of tv shows probably even movies that are critically claimed, with great acting and watched by millions yet never win awards, even get cancelled without ever a good reason.  Sure people could argue on some level there is a type of discrimination in regards to those as well.  But when you have little proof of that it's hard to just go around throwing accusations around.  Which is what feels like is being done in regards to the Oscars this year.

Let whoever wants to boycott the Academy awards do it, seriously I doubt any one will miss them nor most of the world will even notice.  While we are at it lets boycott their films too, the ones they made all their money on....the ones society spent their hard earned money on that made them famous and wealthy in the first place.

The man always says pick your battles, as sometimes the battles become so redundant people just start tuning them out. Discrimination whether it be for age, race, sex or even disability sucks.  But in this case it just doesn't feel like that's what's really going on.  So maybe everyone needs to step back and truly exam the situation for what it is, instead of making it into something it's not.

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