Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Musings

Well the blizzard here will go down as the fourth largest snowfall in Philadelphia history.  We got over 2 ft of snow, the drifts reach even higher!  Needless to say the whole area is snowed in as where do you put all the snow.  Schools are closed, roads are reduced to one lane and so on.  Our driveway itself is rather impassable.  Also realize that a snow blower is a must, as neither the man and I can handle shoveling such enormous amounts. The news was evening warning about the dangers of shoveling such amounts.  It's crazy, you think your in shape until you try to shovel the snow that a blizzard left behind!

If you don't have to be out driving in it snow can be so beautiful though.  The pure white flakes falling from the sky is so peaceful to watch.  And in the sun the snow glistens like beautiful diamonds. Cooper and I have been doing our fair share of frolicking in the snow.  Not sure who comes in more covered in snow him or I.  Doesn't matter though because we are having fun and lots of laughs as I get stuck in the snow chasing him. :)

The man on the other hand is still glued to the sofa, he isn't much for the outdoors than again most couch potatoes aren't. It's a bummer because it would be even more fun if he would join us.  Keep trying to tell him if he got off the couch and did more maybe he would feel better.  Quite truthfully he doesn't even look his normally polished self lately. But I know all too well you can't change anyone they have to want to change and better themselves.

Meanwhile I've been trying hard to do just that.  My cardiologist keeps stressing the importance of exercise, doesn't have to be anything crazy but he suggests walking or swimming.  So I've been making a point to walk the treadmill again, with the dizziness it's not easy.  I kind of have to retrain my brain to get used to the movement, while on it try to focus straight ahead on something stationary.  Some days it doesn't always work but I still keep trying.  Also including yoga and free weights in the mix, might as well try to build a little muscle too.  The yoga can also instigate the dizziness so have to be real careful of how I move my head. But it's better than nothing right!

The week felt very busy.  Everyday I found myself out running errands, or trying to take care of something via the phone.  Plus everyone was busy preparing for the blizzard as well.  Other than playing in the snow Saturday was spent making homemade baked ziti and watching some SOA of course.  We are already on season 6, hard to believe and will feel let down when its over.  Besides the great acting and writing, highly enjoy the hot men on the show.  Find myself doing a lot of fantasizing when watching it.  Man better step up his game soon. ;)

The wedding planning is sort of reaching a standstill. The man felt his parents would contribute but after speaking with his mother it doesn't sound hopeful. There is a possibility his dad might but not holding our breathe. So it may be put on the backburner for a while.  It shouldn't be so hard but nothing comes easy with the man nor his family.

There is plenty more shoveling to be done today.  Along with a phone appointment at noon. The man is taking advantage of all the snow by working from home, which in his mind really just means watching tv all day. ha  Cooper will expect to play more in the snow as he really seems to love it. He pretty much seems to take after me for his love of the outdoors. Dare I say he's a mommas boy!

That's life here for now. 

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