Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Musings

Started off the day with temperature and wind chills in the single digits.  Yes the artic air is here! It snowed a little yesterday, Cooper was more than ready to go outside and play in whatever snow he could find. And so him and I ran around playing in the snow for a little.

The week involved an annoying cold that had me pretty much on couch rest all week.  An intense scratchy throat left me without much sleep for two nights which in addition to all the other cold symptoms had me feeling out of sorts and tired.  It seems to be still lingering as my sinuses are congested now. 

It drives me crazy to sit around though as I get rather bored, so today decided to clean house.  Not sure if it was the best idea but a clean house feels so nice! 

The weekend involved looking at a few wedding venues. Then basically settles in to watch playoff football. Wow were there some wild games. The last second throw, or Hail Mary as it's known as, by Aaron Rodgers in the Green Bay game to send it into overtimes had me jumping up in bed Saturday night.  And the Broncos last minute touch down on Sunday had the man doing the same.

Watching a Broncos game, or any sports team of the man's in a playoff game is an experience. He literally takes the games so seriously that his mood quickly becomes anxious, sulky, nail biting, no talking but to yell at tv.  While I try to remind him it's just a game it's to no avail as it falls on deaf ears. Should be interesting to see who wins and makes it to the Super Bowl next weekend!

In addition to all our playoff football, we of course continued our Sons of Anarchy Marathon, we are already on season five. Yes we are officially addicted to the show, and me with Jax Teller as well.  Almost want to slow down our watching of it to savor it more, but each episode always leaves us wanting more so we watch another one. ha  Seriously who would have thought we would both like a show about a biker gang so much. We don't always like the same type of tv shows but luckily we both love this one!

That about sums up everything.  Think dinner is a calling!

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