Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Musings

After a rather warm Sunday, the artic air has arrived.  Snow flurries are even in the forecast this week! 

Started off the day with a yearly checkup with the cardiologist, while I wasn't exactly thrilled with the early 9 am appointment time, with him it pays to make it as early as possible.  Literally sat waiting for two hours in the afternoon.  Mine was suppose to be the first of the day but they some how managed to squeeze an appointment before mine, offices can be sneaky like that. ha 

Then it was off to run errands...supermarket, ups store, pearle vision and target to name a few.  Of course always seem to get home only to realize there was something else today didn't realize we had run out of pizza dough until browsing through fridge.  Pizza dough is a must have and usually a staple in our fridge. 

Browsed glasses at Pearle Vision though still not having an easy time finding small enough frames, they all look so enormous on my face. Still have yet to replace the glasses that were ruined when Dow Chemical product Great Stuff Gap Filler exploded hitting my face and favorite glasses.  Since I followed the products instructions to a tee it seemed dangerous that it would explode as it did. It's been about 6 months since I contacted Dow about the incident, simply asked if they would reimburse the damaged glasses but so far they have no answer.  Now I understand why people hire lawyers!

The week was rather low key as the man was away on business.  His company decided to have their first kick off meeting of the year at a mountain resort in the Poconos. Not many of the employees were psyched about it, including the man especially about having to room with a co worker for a week.  As expected the man was exhausted when he got back, think my couch potato loving man was just glad to be back on the couch. haha

Our SOA marathon got put on hold while he was away, so I caught up on romantic movie or two. Nothing like a good romance movie, only wish they made more of them.  Went out to dinner with my parents as well, had the best waitress she was so friendly and down to earth.  Whenever I experience a good service make sure to contact the company or restaurant and give lots of accolades to the people who deserve it.

Saturday my sister, mom, niece and I had a girls day.  Though I wasn't in the best of moods to start, just felt frustrated over some stuff that needs to get done and isn't getting done.  I've mentioned probably too much but the man's procrastinating ways drive me crazy.  I'm going to blow up that old Nike logo "Just Do It" and put it all over the house, including his car. At least my niece was able to put me out of the mood and get me dancing.  So between a delicious lunch, little shopping and dance party with the niece I felt more relaxed! 

Sunday was all about laundry, organizing house and watching playoff football.  And wow were they some games! 

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