Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday Musings

Weather is still wildly fluctuating, though the real warmth seems to have moved out and temperatures are rather artic today!

The man went back to work, though we can't complain as he was basically off from Christmas eve until now.  Only having to go into work one day, and even that was only a half one.  We didn't do all that much though. The man is so busy working on his sports website that he really didn't have much down time. One of my resolutions is to get the man out in nature more!

Tuesday my sister came over with my niece and we went out to lunch.  Spent the rest of the afternoon playing board games with my niece.  Wednesday had our heating ducts cleaning, it took a little and left a lot of dust around.  So spent the rest of the day cleaning house.  It's amazing how much dirt and dust collects in a house.  Literally dust seems to start adhering as it's being cleaned.

Feel like we should at least qualify for one of those boxes filled with swifter cleaning supplies they advertise on tv.  I asked swifter if they could send one of those sample boxes but got denied, so we bought the generic brand. ; )

Thursday actually had an appointment for some health tests.  Felt very apprehensive and nervous going into them but for now everything looks okay.  It's one of those watch and wait kind of things.  To be honest not something I feel like getting into now. 

Our New Years eve was so exciting, we watched the college football playoffs and then tiny house nation...don't be too jealous. ha  We actually feel asleep, with half hour before midnight we woke up changed the channel to the ball drop special then dozed off again.  We awoke just as people on the tv were screaming Happy New Year's. So we missed seeing the ball drop.  Though we at least got in a kiss!

New Years day involved more football, as did Saturday.  Michigan played on Friday and Penn State played on Saturday.  Won't lie I'm jealous of Michigan's coach, just don't feel like Penn State got a top ten coach in Franklin but we'll see you never know. 

Saturday evening we did run some errands to best buy and the mall.  We decided to buy a new tv for the bedroom for Christmas, we wanted something with better volume and smart tv capability.  It looks nice but we are disappointed as yet another tv whose sound just does not go low enough to sleep with on.  They keep making the sound on TV's louder, though they need a sleep sound mode that goes ultra low for sensitive sleepers.

Sunday I spent rearranging the house, putting stuff in storage, doing some outdoor work before relaxing to watch some football.  Meanwhile we are making serious progress with Sons of Anarchy.  We are already into season 4.  The man predicted we would not be done with SOA until April, so either he sucks at predicting stuff or we are addicted and simply can't stop watching it.  Part of me wants to slow down watching as I very well may go into Jax withdrawal when there's no more to watch.  In case you have never watched show he's one of the main characters, and hot at that. Always been such a sucker for blue eyed, blonde dudes. :)

Meanwhile been working on wedding stuff, wow did I just say that!  The ideas I have don't exactly match with the places or prices I'm finding.  I want something very small and casual not easy to find.  Plus places book quickly so finding places that still have openings can be tricky.  It kind of sucks as our old backyard would have been perfect for a wedding, and I would have loved to have it there.  Timing is crazy sometimes.

This post is all over the place today much like my thoughts feel.  Time to chill out!

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