Thursday, December 3, 2015

Put It Down

Every morning I watch as a dad walks his young son to bus stop, he never looks up from his phone. It's sad to watch as what a great opportunity to bond yet he chooses his phone. His son walks ahead of him looking down and lonely.  The same scenario replays itself on their walk home in the afternoons.

When did phones become more important than real interaction with people and loved ones. 

People are glues to their phones....carelessly and mindlessly looking down at them as they drive, eat, walk, shop, work, sleep, with others, oh the moments of phone use are endless. But why are we so obsessed with these gadgets?  Why can't people go a few minutes without checking their phones?  Is anything they are reading on the phones that important?

Our preoccupation with our phones can encroach on our time spent deepening relationships, reflecting on ourselves, preparing thoughtful work, having fun and even simple relaxing.

We post things on facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr or whatever other social media sites tend to be hot at the moment....but why?  Why do we feel the need to update our statuses, or share where we are at?  Are we simply bored, lonely or looking for attention; or is it really that fun?  Does anyone else really care?  And how many people who friend us or follow us really care about us?  Are those people, or even strangers, who follow us on social media really more important than being present with the people who choose to spend their real time with us? 

Our society has no idea what really matters anymore.  Or shall I say who even matters.

I've debated saying something to this dad who walks by glued to his phone instead of paying attention and being present for his children.  And it goes something like this....

Hey mr dad, Is what your reading about on that phone of yours more important than sharing a real moment with your son?   I bet if you took his hand, instead of letting him walk a mile in front of you with his head down and looking lonely, his eyes would light up and his soul would feel so loved.  And if you mustered a few words to him on your walk each morning and how are you doing, or how was your day, or is there anything fun you would like to do after school, or simply saying how grateful you are for him....those moments would mean a lot more to him than saying nothing while staring at your phone. In fact, I bet a little conversation between you and him each morning as you walk to the bus stop would be something he would cherish forever.  Those moments you could be truly bonding instead of being glued to your phone could just be the difference in shaping a young boy's future life.  Did you ever stop to think about that?

Though all that would probably be too long to even hold the dad's attention given his apparent attachment to his phone.  So maybe I'll start with something simple like this....Is whatever your reading on your phone more important than bonding with your beautiful son on the walk to the bus each morning?

To the world I say....

Put down your phone....look up at the people and world around you, appreciate the moments of life as they happen, be present, truly connect and give your attention to the people who matter in your life, don't be distracted by looking at your phone at inopportune moments which depending on the situation can put not only yourself at risk but all those around you, make genuine connections not just numbers to boost your friends or followers list on social media, get a life instead of reading about everyone else's or create one that is so great you have no time to bother checking your phone because your too busy living it!

Using your smartphone in ways that make your job and personal life easier makes sense. But letting that glowing screen keep you from fully engaging with the world around you?  That's something no one should stand for.


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