Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday Musings

The weather has been Spring like, Christmas day was beautifully balmy at 76.  Philadelphia is setting heat records. Ironically we seen more rain than sun though. This whole el nino weather pattern is quite interesting!  And then today the cold moved in bringing with it freezing rain. 

Started off with lots of errands and last minute gifts early in the week.  Mid week was spent in the kitchen cooking Christmas Eve dinner, including dessert.  I enjoy cooking and actually find it rather relaxing. Though not so much the clean up.  ;)

Christmas eve was filled with surprise.  Right before we were suppose to leave to head to my family's house, just as I was setting up the tripod to take a photo of us in front of the tree....the man told me he had a gift and handed me a small box with bow.  When I opened it to find a ring he proceeded to say some lovey things, got down on his knee and proposed.

Honestly it happened so quickly, at such an odd moment that he caught me off guard.  Not sure even what he said other than he loves me so much.  Kind of wish we could rewind the moment! 

He said he wasn't sure when he was going to propose but he decided that it was a good day since we were seeing family. And they would want to share in it too.  While I was imaging a more romantic beach proposal it fits the man's style, he even usually waits until last minute as well.  Needless to say Christmas eve had a special feel to it.  Not only did we get engaged but the weather was recording breaking heat and it was a full moon which it hasn't been for the holidays since 1977.  I was born on a full moon so it all makes complete sense. ; )

Christmas was more quiet.  The man stayed home so we were able to spend the holiday together.  My parents stopped by later in the morning so we could exchange gifts and they stayed for lunch.  Then the man and I spent the afternoon watching tiny house nation, with a nap thrown in as well.  We made a large roasted chicken for dinner.  And spent the evening watching SOA as the man taxed his stomach due to the richness of the holiday food so he wasn't feeling all that well.  haha

The weekend involved catching up on stuff, opening a few left over gifts, watching some football and pondering being engaged. 

Today I took the tree down, even put it outside as it was beginning to shed too much.  Not even sure how I managed to get the tree outside as its bigger than me.  Then got involved in cleaning the kitchen a job that next to bathrooms I'm not fond of. Given the holidays the man is able to work from home all week, though guessing there won't be as much work going on as there will be tv watching.  ; )

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