Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Musings

The weather is up and down balmy one week and cold the next.  For the holidays it appears balmy is making it's way back as they are saying temperatures could once again be in the record setting 70's.  Dare I say that's almost perfect weather!

The week was filled with holiday stuff, especially shopping.  Though the man and I decided not to exchange gifts instead opting to buy stuff for the house instead, I bought him a few things any way.  It's hard to resist wanting to buy something for that special someone at the holidays.  :)

Though haven't felt as creative when it comes to the gift ideas as some seasons.  Think there's just been too much going on to properly focus, and feeling rather scattered.  In fact upon waking at night it's hard to get back to sleep as I start thinking too much.  The worst is when we worry about stuff that we know is out of our control, yet not having easy or quick resolutions can feel overwhelming.

I envy the man as rarely does he stress about stuff.  Sometimes it feels like I take on all the stress for both of us. Trying very hard to change that bad habit by reminding myself to try to let go of those things we cannot change, or at least change how I think about them.  So much easier said than done.

For a few days we noticed what we thought was a bump of some sort on Cooper's head above his eye, when it began looking like a hanging skin tag of some sort started googling images. Googling led to panic as I realized it was an embedded tick!  Quickly took him to the vet who confirmed it and luckily they were able to remove it.  But since the tick was so engorged and had probably been feeding for a few days there is a risk of lyme.  Our poor baby boy. 

We have no doubt the rodent infested property of this  house rental contributed to the tick issue.  Yet the owners continue to turn a blind eye pretending that no such issues exist even when experts have been brought in and informed them otherwise. We need the help of one of my favorite shows Fixer Upper, it would be great to have help not only finding a home but fixing it up too.  Love their design style and personalities.

Saturday we went to the Christmas village in Philadelphia.  It is a bunch of temporary shops designed to look like a European village that opens for the holidays.  Followed by dinner afterwards.  Of course the weather was the coldest it's been so made walking a tad cold but it did make it feel more like the holidays.  Not sure the man was exactly psyched to be there but than again aside from watching sports on tv he usually isn't excited about anything that involves leaving the house.

He doesn't realize what a downer he can be at times. The older he gets the more he seems to lose his enthusiasm. Smiling at times seems painful for him. For instance I wanted to take a photo in front of the famous love statue in Philly, all these years of living here yet never got a photo in front of the thing.  But he pretty much vetoes the idea saying only young people do that, jeez I didn't realize life came with age restricted activities as I'm all about fun at any age.  :)

I've also noticed many who can't seem to have fun or let go unless it involves drinking or other substances.  Even at this Christmas village so many people of all ages were walking around with wine or other alcoholic drinks.  It's as if they need some kind of substance to loosen up and be able to have fun.  It's interesting to watch people.

Sunday my mother and I were out shopping by 8 am.  Wanted to get some errands accomplished before the holiday crowds took over. Holiday crowds are okay if you don't need to buy anything but having to stand in long lines is a turn off.  The afternoon was all about relaxing and watching football.  Probably the only time I see the man stress is while watching his sports team he literally cannot relax nor even eat if his teams aren't playing well.  Keep trying to remind him it's only a game but to him it's literally the whole world. 

Today also involved a bunch of errands and things to do as well.  Ever notice that people seem so distracted these days and no one seems to follow the basic rules of the road.  They should make it so that no car starts if a phone is on.  Sometimes I wonder was life easier or less stressful before all this technology?  There are pros and cons to everything so it's hard to say. 

Meanwhile we have been continuing our Sons of Anarchy marathon to say I'm hooked is an understatement.  Like Oz it's another one of those shows that's easy to get lost in.  Love those type shows as usually my mind usually wanders a million times while watching tv but not when I find a show that actually holds my attention.  And sons does a great job of doing just that! 

As for photos here is one from the holiday village at least we were able to fit the tree in a little.  Selfies always seem to appear so different than when others actually take the photo.

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