Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Musings

The Spring like weather filled the air all week, reaching 70 over the weekend!  In fact, Philadelphia even set a record.  There is nothing like warm weather, though with this warmth it doesn't exactly feel like the holiday season.  Reminds me of when I was living in San Diego trying to get used to the idea of a warm Christmas.  Some how cold and snow seem to be more representative of Christmas. 

Cooper had a very busy week, he got to go on all kinds of adventures and rides including one to see daddy at work.  He was over joyed.  He is such a social dog who loves attention and interaction with others. 

For almost two weeks I've been struggling with the whole vertigo thing again.  Almost every night it seems to happen in my sleep.  Waking up to the room spinning and feeling woozy is a nightmare.  It's crazy how it seems to infiltrate deep sleep like that.  Often times if I so much as move my head sleeping it intensifies even more.  Honestly it leaves me feeling apprehensive to even fall asleep.  Interesting because I've been having a lot of dreams as well.  There's nothing I can just take to make it stop which makes it even worse.  Since my sleep is being affected it leaves me feeling rather tired during the day.

Of course the doctors can't explain exactly why this happens.  They have theories that's about all.  It's just had to believe that a migraine could continuously cause such attacks during the sleep state.  Though they have decided to do a sleep study so it should be interesting.  Really should not even be on the computer yet its hard as sometimes I just want to read the news, look something up or even just out of boredom browse stuff.

Friday night we stayed in order Chinese and watched some Sons of Anarchy. That's the new show we are marathon watching.  Seems good so far and the main character isn't bad to look at either.  Oddly enough he reminds me of an old boyfriend of mine from the younger days. Always had a thing for blonde hair, blue eyed guys growing up. Jax the main character would have been the exact type I crushed on. ;)

Saturday we had plans to go downtown but a bout of intense vertigo early Saturday morning caused a change in plans.  So instead we went to a local holiday festivities that involved the Clydesdale horses of the Budweiser commercial parading down main street.  It was really awesome to see.  The weather was gorgeous so played outside with Cooper a little too. 

Sunday we had to food shop which always takes up a while.  Two carts and a hefty bill later we arrived home not only to have to unpack all the stuff but freeze meat as well.  We try to buy enough for at least a month.  Watched some football, played with Cooper outside and watched some more SOA.

Today had a doctor's appointment so stopped by the parents house  too since my mom happened to be off.  Then it was home to work on some insurance stuff and get busy in the kitchen making all kinds of goodies including apple pie and homemade vegetable soup.

Now I need to just relax!

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