Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Musings

The weather has been rather warm with highs in the upper 50's, with the possibility of even 60!  Though the nights have been rather chilly it's hard to complain since the days are at least warming up.

Took advantage of the warmer temperatures during the week by cleaning up and working on some outdoor stuff.  Been working hard to pack all our stuff to storage in plastic bins.  Not only does it help organize everything better but its protects stuff from dust, rodents and water.   After finding mice poo in our dresser I was pissed. We have done everything to make this house look cute but the owners refuse to address some serious issues that need fixing. Really hoping we find a new place soon.

Friday night we were feeling tired so just ordered in and watched some Shark Tank.  Saturday the man went home to Long Island to visit family and friends.  While I spent the weekend with my family. 

Saturday my mother and I took advantage of the nice weather by going to Peddlers Village which was kicking off their Christmas festival.  It's a lovely place in the countryside with outdoor shops and restaurants.  We were hoping my sister and niece could join us but they had family plans. Guess with the nice weather everyone had the same idea as it was packed! Even finding a parking space was difficult, we drove around a little waiting for a space to open up.  The shops were wall to wall people.  Even walking around outside involved mobs of people but it was fun!

Sometimes those are things I wish the man could enjoy more.  There were plenty of couples there enjoying the festivities.  Wish he could step out his comfort zone of sports and the couch to enjoy other fun things in life. Sometimes life with him feels monotonous.  Even when I get him to do stuff his lack of enthusiasm and need to always check his phone is enough to want to find someone else to enjoy it with.  If I didn't come up with fun ideas he would zone in front of the tv watching sports forever. Sports is and will always be his true love, and sometimes think do I really want to have to compete with that?

Sunday we spent some time outside playing with Cooper in their awesome backyard. He loves to run around and enjoys chasing the squirrels too.  Also decided to tackle the job of going through stuff I still have stored at their house.  Got rid of quite a few things including a lot of books.  Before the dizziness I was a book fiend, would spend hours reading books. And loved to buy new books which allowed me to accrue quite the book collection.  But too often all those books sit on a shelf collecting dust. Also reminisced a little too by looking at old photos.

Today it was all about Cooper.  Since the weather is so nice decided to take him places he is allowed. We checked out indoor plants and holiday decorations at Lowes where he was greeted with lots of friendly people and smiles. Then of course with a Petsmart right next door we had to visit it as well.  It's amazing all the products and toys available for pets these days.  It's nice when stores let dogs accompany their owners, makes for a fun outing for all.

This evening when the man came home we went to get a tree, which is basically me trying to pick a tree and him standing there saying not much.  Telling you the man needs a shot of enthusiasm for something other than sports.  Had to laugh when the guy delivered the tree, the man looks at me and says where should he put it. Only spent 10 minutes clearing the room and putting the tree holder in that area we discussed it would go while the man sat in the room. He is really that obviously sometimes. hahaha

On that note think I'm going to try to relax.  Though as I always say it's not exactly my forte.  Plus been having issues with the dizziness in the sleep again.

As for the photos lately, they may not be the best as I've been making a point to enjoy the moment more as opposed to always trying to capture it on a photo.  In fact it's why some weeks I have no photos.  It's much more fun to enjoy the moment than always worry about taking photos of it. Though photos are always nice too.  :)

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