Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Musings

Weather wise we had a week of beautiful 70 degree sunny, warm days.  

Spent much of the week fiddling around the house trying to accomplish a to do list. Though since it was so nice also made some time to be outside as well.  When I sit in a chair Cooper is content to sit on my lap and watch nature.  It's really a special moment coming from him who seems to prefer to bark and chase other animals of nature.

Thursday and Friday were a tad stressful, some unexpected things popped up.  The kind of things that leave you trying hard to figure out what the heck is going on. ha

The weekend was rather dull.  Though my niece livened things up by coming for a sleepover Sunday evening.  She arrived just in time for dinner and football.  Though instead of just watching the Eagles her and I played some board games.  Until her and Cooper dozed off together, pretty much called it a night.  While they slept the man and I were up late watching the Eagles game that went into OT.  And a scratchy throat pretty much kept me from a good night sleep anyway.

The man battled the cold all week, and thought maybe I could avoid it but it appears not.  I'm terrible when it comes to contagious stuff.  Overly affectionate me becomes a germphobic nut.  Oh I don't mind taking care of someone as far as making soup, getting medicine, etc, just prefer they stay in a closed room as not to spread their germs.  Think it probably drives the man but I've been that way since I was young.   This time the man took off two days from work so his germs were all over the house, and all the Lysol wipes appear to have not contained it.  And now I'm really hoping the niece doesn't come down with it.

Her and I started off the day with the board game Sorry, then spent much of the morning at the park.  Have to admit I love playgrounds, I'm a total kid at heart who loves to be climbing on the jungle gyms, gliding down the twisty slides and even swinging can be so fun.  Swinging can be challenging with the dizziness, one good days its feasible on bad days not so much.  Some how today I was able to swing high and even do the dare devil stunts of jumping off in mid air.  I actually get really excited when I can do such things.  Fun stuff!  We then picked up some chick fila, watched a little tv and spent the afternoon drawing. 

And so it was a perfect day, even with a cold that I feel is about to rage itself.  :)

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