Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Musings

Feel like I'm all over with this blog.  Some days I feel like writing, some not so much and others just don't have the opportunity to.  Find that my deepest thoughts come while listening to the radio or trying to get to sleep, the hard part seems to be capturing them in words. And while I love to take photos find myself becoming more stingy about what I feel comfortable sharing.  I'm always surprised at how openly some people share their photos, to me some photos feel too personal to want to share with the world.

The condo deal is officially off, the owners would just not compromise enough with the pet addendum to make us feel comfortable signing a 18 month lease. Meanwhile we continue to battle the elements of this house.  What's crazy is our heater has to be set at 75 to even get register 65-68 in most rooms.  Today I may have found the reason why just as I suspected there are holes in the heating vent ducts.  So I contacted the local code enforcement office who handles such things in the town where we live, hopefully they can help.

With the holiday thrown in it made the week feel more like a weekend.  Thanksgiving started off rough as being woke up by a serious vertigo attack around 5am was anything but pleasant.  It was weird because a little before that happened I had intense ear pain while sleeping. 

Meanwhile, the man was annoyed at being woke up, I was annoyed that he wasn't trying to help me.  Some men will never get it.  After all this time you think he would understand but he has not a clue what I go through.  He's telling me to relax, while I'm trying to prop myself up as laying flat makes it worse.  Some how made my way downstairs where it's easy to prop myself up on couch.  Then it's basically trying to wait it out, how long it will last is anyone's guess.  Luckily Cooper followed me to the couch, kissed my tears away and snuggled right into me.  Truly a dogs unconditional love is like no other.

Luckily I was able to fall back in and out of sleep for a few hours.  When I got up at 10 felt better, still rather foggy and had to becareful of how I moved.  My hearing was ultra sensitive as well, every sound felt amplified. 

Thanksgiving we went to my family's but it was sister's year to spend with her in laws so we didn't get to spend it with my niece.  Not getting to spend it with her and my sister doesn't make the holiday seem complete.  Plus getting the man to leave the house for holidays to go to any family get together is always a big deal and involves a lot of complaining on his part.  Not sure if it's because he hates social situations or it drags him away from the tv, probably a combination of both. (I've even called him the Debbie downer of holidays) haha 

Friday through Sunday the man basically spent on the couch watching sports and tweeting away.  Friday was beautiful here. We took Cooper for a little walk around the park, and played Monopoly for a few hours in the evening.  Saturday I spent doing laundry, cleaning up house, watched a little bit of made for tv movie before dinner and then sort of just hung out playing with Cooper while you guessed it watching more football.

Sunday my mom and I met early to do some shopping before the stores got crowded, of course we had fun. and accomplished a lot too. Spent the afternoon watching football, napping and making homemade baked ziti. Sunday night watching the Broncos game with the man became too annoying as he spent more time tweeting every detail of the game than watching it. ha 

Feel like I spend too much time trying to convince him to live life than watch it on tv or social media, though not sure he quite gets it yet.  In a sense it took me a while to understand the idea, especially of living in the moment and focusing on who you're with.  Now that I get it need a partner in crime to live and share the adventures with. 

That's something to think about this Monday, are we living life or watching it?  (or maybe just going through the motions)  How could any of us better live in the moment, appreciate what we have or those around us and how can we make full use of our days in a more positive, loving way? 

Some deep thoughts this Monday....

Oh and while we took some crazy family selfies on Thanksgiving they won't be posted here. haha  This is my favorite of all the Thanksgiving photos.

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