Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Musings

The unusual warm fall weather has given way to more winter like weather.  Where as temperatures were above normal, they are now below normal.  Go figure.

Meanwhile, plans to move to the townhouse I mentioned last week are not to be.  After we signed the lease and thought it was a done deal, the owners decided they did not like the revised pet addendum our lawyer had drawn up.  They wanted to stick with the original which says this "If the landlord determines the pet is annoying, bothersome or in any way a nuisance to others landlord will notify the tenant in writing and tenant will remove the pet immediately from property. All other terms and conditions of lease will remain in full force and effect. Tenant' failure to remove pet from property is a breach of the lease, and landlord will have all remedies as stated in the lease."

What pet owner would sign such an addendum? Nuisance is a very subjective term, if we were ever told our dog had to go...well we would want to go to and not be held to a lease.  The owners are not dog people by any means, and they just don't get it.  Our dog is a huge part of our family, just like a child is to other families.  Would a clause be put in a lease stating the same about a child?  Just makes no sense.

Our lawyer revised the lease to say that if such a scenario ever did arise with the dog, tenants would have 60 days to remedy issue, if it could not be remedied then owner or tenant could be let go from lease but owners didn't go for it.  Though we love the place we just aren't sure it's worth the risk.  Plus we would also be locked into a 18 month lease as well.  Given our current house has some serious issues we don't know what to do.

We also just realized that to obtain 68 degrees in most of the rooms the thermostat has to be set to 75. And that the bedroom at that setting is lucky to reach 63.  Add that to the already long list. ha  We would really love to build a tiny home from scratch nothing crazy small but something around say 1000 sq ft that utilities space well.  A cottage or even craftsman style with covered porch would be ideal. Just not sure we could find land for sale in the areas we want or for that matter afford the price  land might cost.  Average price of Pennsylvania homes is 269,000 but in the areas we like they go for double and triple that.

Friday night we had a fun date at the Cheesecake Factory, we got a rather private table and the food was great.  Neither one of us likes to be in the center of a crowded restaurant, we always hope for the seat in the farthest corner.  Saturday was all about football as our teams Penn State and Michigan played each other so it was a big game day in our house.  Penn State isn't playing that great this season and they lost to Michigan meaning the man was happy but me not so much. ha 

Saturday night we finished off our month marathon of the show Oz.  We literally became addicted to the show, so when Sunday night rolled around and we didn't have another episode to watch we felt bummed.  Especially after a long weekend of watching football we wanted more Oz shows.  It's funny how after watching a show for a while characters can start to feel so real. 

Sunday was all about the leaves.  We spent the day blowing and raking leaves.  To say we are sore is an understatement. 

Today was all about running errands, and the stores were crazy and crowded.  Usually Monday's are rather deserted in the supermarkets but right before Thanksgiving seems to change everything.  Carts bumping each other, people in a rush, long lines and that holiday spirit talked about in songs seems to be missing.

But now my attention turns to hockey as my favorite all time athlete and hockey player Rod Brind'Amour is being inducted into the Flyers hall of fame. He played with a heart and soul like no other. Maybe he isn't the most skilled but his work ethnic is like no other. Here's to you Brindy!

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