Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Musings

What a week.  Monday was lots of fun but it kind of spiraled down from there. ha

Spent most of it with a nasty cold, and not a lot of sleep.  Tea, honey, chicken broth, cough drops, cough medicines, airborne, tissues seemed to become my best pals for the week.  It was actually the first cold I've had in a few years so guess I shouldn't complain.  But gosh it makes you appreciate the days you feel good!

Meanwhile, we are in negotiations for a new house.  Well not actually house it's considered a condo though looks more like a townhome.  This will be something new as we have always rented single family homes.  Our current rental home has been some what of a disaster, though we thought it had been somewhat renovated turns out it has serious issues like mold and mice infestation that would not even pass inspection.  The owners don't want to fix it so they said we are free to find something else.  It's amazing how people buy real estate to make money but don't want to do the work and maintenance required to actually make the places safe to live.

It's hard having to give up a house we already put so much work into, including painting 80% of feels like we don't have much of a choice though. Wish the man would get his act together so we could just buy a house. Still very much miss our cottage house with the great porch and neighborhood. Though the family that owns it and moved back in loves it just as much.  :)  So it's back to packing, something that took two months this past summer, but this time we only have two weeks. 

The man and I got into a little tiff this weekend, which truthfully had me contemplating just moving to the beach and starting a new life.  Sometimes that seems better than dwelling on the same stuff that the man can't seem to get a grip on.  It doesn't matter how smart people are everyone has their weaknesses that cause their common sense to go right out the door.  But I find it harder to accept when smart people make poor decisions, and harder to forgive if that makes sense.

Of course what happened in Paris over the weekend is a great reminder how precious life is.  How every second matters, that we need to focus on the good and living life to the fullest.  Strongly feel our world needs to focus on banning together to oust the bad guys, and allow people to live in peace in their own countries without having to flee to other countries for safety.  Everyone in our world should be able to live peacefully and safely where they are.  That is something the world seriously needs to work on achieving.

Life is not exactly fair, but maybe if we all work together and unite for once, we could some how make it more fair.  It's up to all of us to make the world a better place.  It's seems like a simple concept yet one that the world can't seem to grasp just yet. 

Just a thought.....

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