Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Monday Musings

Lately blogging has taken a backseat for various reasons....dizziness, lack of interest, busy doing other things and well you get the idea.  I can only be on the computer for short periods of time, so by the time I actually do the stuff that needs to accomplished the dizziness already starts taking a toll.  At times it does bum me out because my woof Wednesday posts mean a lot and when I can't get those done it upsets me.  Oh well, it is what it is. 

The weather has warmed up here, 70's this week!  Wish it could stay this temperature all winter.  :)

This Monday was a little bit of a celebration as ten years ago we had a first date at Barnes and Noble.  Amazing when I think about it especially given all we have been through together.  Made a homemade Bolognese sauce over pasta and we ate by candlelight.  Followed by some snuggling of course.  :)

The week seemed busy, two evenings we had places to look at and since it was rather late ate dinner out.  We are turning into burger addicts, back to back nights of burgers.  Red Robin might be our new burger favorite.

 It's interesting because I always feel bad for animals when I eat meat, tell myself I'm going to go vegan yet never see to be able to do it.  I've tried before but my body doesn't seem to respond well to no meat, in fact my blood sugar gets nuts.  Maybe I'm just not finding the right protein substitutes.  Though I also think people have different body types, and respond to foods differently as well.

Saturday we carved pumpkins and watched some football.  Sunday we food shopped and watched more football.  Also been having nightly marathons of Oz on demand.  Yes I'm officially hooked on the gritty, raw show.  It's funny how attached to a show one can get, after watching one just want to follow up with another episode to see what happens.

Also went back to our old house to pick up a package and was overwhelmed with a homesick feeling.  It's funny how just driving through the neighbor got me feeling so nostalgic.   I miss our little cottage house, the friendly/warm neighbors and the small town feel of that particular area.  It's easy to dwell on those feelings yet I know as the man says you can't dwell on the past you have to focus on the present.  Sometimes that's easier said than done.  Especially when your heart loves something.

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