Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Colds and Home Remedies

At least yesterday was perfect. 

Today is all about this cold the man brought home.  He came down with it last Tuesday, so figured as days went by and I felt okay that maybe it would skip me.  You know basically went into stay away from me mode and spent each day wiping the house down with Lysol.  As you can see that plan didn't exactly work. haha

As come Sunday evening the start of a scratchy throat lead to a full out cold today. Worst part with a scratchy throat is it makes it impossible to sleep   Spent most of the day in bed as I feel wiped out but napping was futile as every time I tried it lead to more coughing.  So now I'm still in bed with a raging scratchy/burning throat, headache and cough even Robitussin hasn't helped.

I've tried all the home remedies that I know of.   Honey, ginger tea, Airborne immune booster, probiotic, hot shower, ricola honey herb and halls menthol cough drops.  It's days like these that leave me wanting my mom's homemade chicken soup and tender loving care.  Feel like homemade chicken soup might be the best remedy of all.  Of course when sick it's the last thing one feels like getting up to actually make. And the man would not know where to begin when it comes to making a homemade soup.

So posing the question to anyone that might come across this post.  What home remedies do you find help or actually work for colds? 

Meanwhile I will continue to hide under the covers, watching mindless daytime tv and trying to find the elusive home remedy that might actually work!

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