Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Musings

This weekend was all about pumpkin picking and family.  Since my mother's birthday falls before Halloween it's become sort of a tradition to get together to celebrate it and also go to the local pumpkin patch.  Lots of laughs would be the best way to describe the day!

Those kinds of days are my favorite.  Not that I don't enjoy snuggling on the couch with the man come weekends, but unlike the man I also like to do things.  We differ in a few ways, that happens to be one of them.  I like to go to local events, spend time outdoors, travel and feel as if I'm actually living life as opposed to watching it on tv or reading it on social media as he loves to do.  Spending time outdoors is especially revitalizing!

Lately I find myself trying to explain to the man how he could benefit from more fun and relaxation.  He spends most of his days analyzing numbers and staring at a computer.  Come weekends it's much the same as he works on his sportboss stuff.  And as the saying goes, all work and no play....

Everyone needs to play, time to unwind away from work, technology and gadgets.  This Monday I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate more of it into our lives.  Literally the man can't go two minutes without having to check his phone and twitter.  In our day and age it's hard to convince any one to put down their phones to simply enjoy the moment and savor who they are with.

Meanwhile, we have a lot going on.  Cooper had to have an ultrasound done, it showed inflammation in his stomach, small intestine and pancreas.  So now they are recommending he have an endoscopy.  He will need to follow a special diet, can't even have his favorite treats and for that we feel sad.  We want him to be able to eat what he loves.  No one is quite sure why but they are hoping further tests might make it more clear.  Vet even said the new house could be affecting him as well.

The house situation hasn't improved either.  The landlord fixed a few small things but refuses to fix some of the bigger issues. Like cleaning the heating ducts that smell overwhelming of a musty odor. Or hiring a professional to take care of the flooding crawl space and mice issue.  They said they just don't have the money to put into the house, so then why did they ever buy a older house and decide to become landlords, oh make money.  They offered that if we don't like it we are free to find another place.  They make it sound easy, forgetting that moving costs money and we already put a lot of our own work into this place. 

It's crazy, and at this point it's in God's hand.  Honestly I don't have the answers, nor why we didn't get the townhouse we really loved back in April.  I prayed a lot before even finding this place that we would be guided to the right place for us, so all these issues feel so confusing as to why this happened as it did. So just going to put it in a higher powers hand and hope to be guided in the right direction.

My fantasy football team isn't even playing well.  The most frustrating thing about fantasy is when there aren't any great available players to even pick up.  Trying to find a diamond in the rough to pick up is everyone's goal but few to be had.  Though it is fun trying to predict who will have a good game. Seems like everytime I pick up a quarterback they get hurt, trust me you don't want me picking up the quarterback of your team. ha

Honestly haven't felt much like blogging. Ever since moving just not feeling all that inspired.  In fact, I could use some inspiring things to read. Feel free to share links to your favorites. Sometimes just feeling like I repeat myself like that ground hog  day movie.  ; )

 For now all I want is another day outside in the beautiful pumpkin patch with the ones I love!

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