Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Monday Musings

The weather has warmed up, though they say a cold front is moving in.  But we won't even mention that for now.

What a week it's been! 

Thursday we had plans to go to Armin Van Buuren concert.  Which if you aren't familiar with is a Trance music producer and top DJ.  He happens to be a favorite of the man, who could not wait to see him in concert.   He was totally psyched, so was I and was hoping to dance the night away.  But things don't always go as planned, think I should know this by now. ;)

It had been warm all day so nixed my plan to dress in a warm puffy vest figuring I'd be overdressed.  So wore a light t shirt with flannel shirt....huge mistake for someone always cold and for a concert by the water.  Within a half hour of being there I felt cold, to the point my body started shaking. (talk about embarrassing when I get cold literally cannot stop shaking)   It gets better....the plan to eat beforehand fell apart so we decided to grab some hotdogs at concert.  Well the hotdogs ended up upsetting my stomach.  Yup at an outdoor concert with nothing but dark portie pots and upset tummy!

So I'm shaking due to the cold air, the hot dog makes my stomach sick and all I really want to do is dance the night away with the man!  The trance music and light show was insane the bass was so loud one could hear it miles away. But eventually I could take no more and retreated to car leaving the man to enjoy the rest of concert himself.  Though I felt terrible physically, felt more terrible having to leave him and the concert I was so excited about.  Though our photo did end up on the local radio station website who hosted it.  :)

Friday the man was off.  We had the handy man here in morning fixing things.  Come afternoon I was busy tidying house and preparing food for a couple friend of ours who came over for dinner.  Even had a thunderstorm roll through. 

Saturday was all about chilling, well until we found mouse poo on the sofa! Our house is meticulously clean that's one thing I'm rather obsessive about. So the germ phobic in me went nuts, we both were upset.  Tore the main room apart, cleaned with Lysol and vacuumed entire room including sofa.  Our new landlords don't understand why we feel so upset seeing mice feces on the kitchen counter let alone sofa. Instead of hiring the professionals we got quotes from they chose to use their shady handyman and do things the cheap way.

It's not good, I made the wrong choice when it came to places to rent. Beneath the surface there is a lot wrong with the house.  Including a crawl space under the house that is filled with water.  And now it's going to be a battle to get them to do the right thing.  We were in such a time constraint trying to find something that crucial things got overlooked by the sheer stress of it all.

We even wonder if the mice stuff has something to do with Cooper's stomach issues as well.  He is slowly tapering off his bland diet but his tummy still is not hundred percent just yet.  Not being able to give him his normal treats has been the hardest part as he is used to getting them every day.  Now he looks at us in a puzzled way trying to figure out why he can't have the regular treats yet.

Sunday we actually got to chill.  Spend most of the afternoon snuggled in a blanket watching NFL football, even ordered in food. 

Monday the man took off for work he needed one of those recharging type days.  We took Cooper to the park, a small run around and he was exhausted.  Think we all were. ha

Anyway, never a dull moment that's for sure.

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