Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Musings

Monday has arrived with a vengeance.

Woke up to Cooper throwing up what appears to be more liquid bile.  Even though he is still on a home cooked diet, probiotic and Pepcid twice a day.  Fast forward a hour, while intensely squirrel watching from the couch he jumped onto window sill knocking down house plants, including my precious one from Angel. 

Oh it gets better....upon the vacuum being brought out to clean mess Cooper panics. The little guy doesn't like the vacuum so he went and let out a small poo under my desk.  Not before leaving a small piece on the couch which while vacuuming I thought was dirt but really it was squishy poo.   Had to take the whole vacuum apart and soak pieces in antibacterial solution in tub. 

Ah the joys of life.  :)

The week was filled with lots of craziness. Another vet visit for Cooper but they can't seem to figure out why his stomach continues to get upset.  Food allergies could be it but no one is for sure.  There is talk about putting him on an even more restricted food prescription diet but we just aren't sure how we feel about that. It's costly and he won't be able to eat anything but it.  For now we have to cancel canine manners class as well because it involves too many treats.

Meanwhile I've been dealing with frequent dizzy spells again, they are so unnerving.  In fact had one the other day where I literally had to try to get attention of guy next to me, so I could pull in front of him to get to shoulder of road.  But that's what makes them dangerous.  Colder weather only seems to aggravate it as well, is there anything that doesn't? ha   And it's been getting cold here, we had a wind chill of 43 on Saturday!

Friday the man and I just stayed in having some what of a Oz marathon.  It's an older HBO series that we are suddenly hooked on and was able to find On Demand. Up until almost 2am Friday night watching it. haha  It might be the only cable series where one sees frequent male nudity, including full frontal. It's nut's but the reality that goes along with the storylines.  Besides women have had to deal with female nudity in tv and movies since the beginning of tv, so about time we see men too!

Saturday we snuggled, watched college football,  made a delicious home cooked dinner because our plans to go to octoberfest got cancelled by all the wind, rain and colder temperatures. Neither of our stomachs were feeling that great over the weekend either.  My fantasy football team is struggling need my players to step it up.  Sunday we went out later in the day to watch NFL games and eat dinner.  The food was great and overall had a great day!

Today, well it didn't start off as planned and it's been anything but what I imagined but trying to learn to go with the flow more.  It's not always easy, in fact some days it's down right tough, but it's better than stressing over everything I can't control.  Learning to breath in the moment and appreciate it for what it is may be the least overlooked aspect of every day life.


  1. ah what a stressful start to the day. my dogs always know how to complicate things like that too ha. hopefully you can figure out what is making cooper sick!

    1. Thanks, hoping we figure it out soon. After this experience I realize it's much better to have hardwood floors in the bedroom as carpet is so much harder to clean up. lol


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