Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Monday Musings

Weather wise it's been Fall like, rather cloudy too.  And rain is moving in, which kind of is a bummer as there are outside Fall festivities going on around the area.

Find myself missing our old house and neighborhood a lot lately.  It's so hard when you love
something yet have to leave it.  We saw some awesome tiny homes on that Tiny House Hunting show the other night.  They were only 850 square feet but designed with great efficiency, plus everything was new and it just seems like something like that would be perfect for us.  One of them even had a little fenced in yard with garage.

The week was rather crazy.  Cooper had canine manners class again, but it doesn't appear all the treats required for training are agreeing with him.  His stomach has been upset both ways.  This is his second week of being on a bland diet. For dogs a bland diet involves boiled ground beef or chicken with rice.  Though the second week of the diet we are trying boiled potatoes now too.   For now he can't even have his normal treats, so canine manners class looks like it may be on hold. 

I went to pick up my glasses on Thursday only to find out the prescription is still not correct.  So I returned the glasses, and plan on getting a second opinion from another eye doctor.  Though it sucks because it will cost me another copay.  For some reason it's hard to get things done correctly the first time.  Problem is they require a recent prescription to fill new glasses.  So if you don't have a back up pair and the ones you're wearing break it's a huge hassle to get a new pair.

Friday morning we waited around for the handyman to fill some holes but he was running late so we had to cancel.  Then it was off to see the vet again.  They did blood work, took fecal samples, gave us some medicine to try.  Cooper gets nervous when being examined to the point he shakes.  Needless to say he was happy to go home. 

The weekend was quiet.  With the Pope in town so many roads, trains and what not were shut down. People had to have special prepaid tickets to even board local trains.  The security was intense, with high fencing and check points around the perimeter of downtown Philly.

We did some take out Friday from Mad Mex but the service was so bad, they even charged the man wrong that doubt we will be going back.  Saturday involved college football. Cooper woke me up at 5am with an upset stomach again.  Our poor little man.  Once I cleaned him up was able to get a few more hours of sleep. Sunday involved a lot of cooking both for us and Cooper.  Followed by some football and me dozing as I was still tired from the early morning wake up. 

Sunday evening we got some exciting family news that left me speechless. 

Monday has been all about catching up. 

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