Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Musings

Weather here has turned cooler and much more Fall like.  After all the 95 degree days it actually feels refreshing. But let's talk about more important things.

Signed online to see this daily message "Thinking big but acting small is the same as thinking small.  Shiver me timbers, the universe.  And reading this while nodding in wholehearted agreement, yet not doing all you can, with all you have, from where you are in the days that follow is the same as not reading this."

Hello, that message is speaking to me.  I'm guilty of the above for sure at times.  There are a million things I could tell you got in the way, ugh but that would sound so lame right.  It's the truth though sometimes life feels like it stands in the way of the things we truly desire or should be doing.  Why do we let that happen?  Life is so short, and we probably spend a majority of our time consumed with things that in the grand scheme don't mean all that much.

I for one am great at thinking big, creating magical moments in my imagination but putting them into reality is a whole other story.  But lately I've been trying really hard to focus more on living what I dream and love.  And trying in the process to let go of the things that don't fit with those dreams. This Monday I've been working on those bigger dreams.  :)

It's funny but the office rooms in both our new house and old house have always been the least appealing rooms of the house.  Find it very hard to be creative and get inspired in them.  Since we rent it's kind of hard to truly make the room into what I want or need it to be, as don't want to invest a lot of money in a house that isn't ours.

The week was rather crazy.  Cooper went to his first canine manners class, though think between all the other dogs and people that he found it overwhelming.  Some how his stomach became very upset yet we are not even sure why.  Might be the new treats, the stress of class or a combination of everything.  After a few straight days of him waking up between 3-6 am to get sick quickly took him to vet.  The vet wasn't sure what caused it but gave him medicine to try to help calm down his stomach and reduce the inflammation.  Of course Cooper loved the home cooked diet it required as well. He seems to be feeling better, but we'll see how it goes once we start adding his food and treats back.

Wednesday went to get a much needed hair cut.  The long hair was getting hard to style so took off 6 inches and went with a lob cut.  Went to pick up my new glasses and contacts only to find out the prescription in them is wrong.  So it's back to square one and another appointment with the doctor.  Sometimes I wonder do these things only happen to me? haha

Thursday some neighborhood guys invited the man over to watch the Broncos.  Imagine that he actually finds hardcore Denver Bronco fans in our new neighborhood, he always some how gets lucky like that. Unfortunately the new neighborhood does not have many girls my age, or at least not that I've come across yet.  I rarely see people out, not like our old neighborhood where everyone was outside.  I find this new area rather lonely.  Already looking to move!

Meanwhile I didn't get much sleep so by the weekend felt exhausted.  Saturday involved watching college football and food shopping, such an interesting combination. ha  Sunday was all about cooking....homemade meatballs, slow cooker chicken and apple pie.  Plus had a bunch of other food to freeze.  The afternoon was basically spent watching NFL football and much needed little nap.  Had some dizziness too which could have been exacerbated by how sleepy I felt.

Tonight the man's got a sports analytics lecture.  He left work early for it, well that and sportboss.  He is still trying to do his website too. He is a sports handicapper on the side, which means based on statistics he tries to predict who will win games and offers his picks for sale. I'm not exactly fond of the whole thing, it costs him a lot in time and isn't really bringing in the profits it once did.  In my opinion the negatives out weigh the positives.

Anyway, enough talking need to get to work on those big all you can, with all you have, from where you are! 

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