Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Musings

We went from Summer like hot, humid 95 degree to Fall like cool, no humid 65 degree in just a day.   I myself don't mind some humidity as long as the temperatures are in the 70's.  For some reason that completely dry feeling on the skin drives me crazy. Once the cooler weather moves in I go through a lot of lotion!

So Facebook has this thing where they show you memories.  They showed a photo of Angel and my niece from two years ago today.  They were sitting on Angel's doggie bed wearing matching t shirts.  Immediately I felt the tears begin to well, the emotions still raw.  It's amazing how much the heart can miss someone.  Find myself longing to just feel her snuggled on my shoulder again, Angel used to love to sleep that way.  It was the most comforting thing.

That's the hardest part of loss, the memories are tucked away but over time you long for the smells, touch and overall presence. Sometimes they get harder to recall. It's crazy to think that one day someone is here and next they aren't.  Next to any kind of suffering that has to be the hardest aspect of life.

Where does time go?  Too quickly that's for sure.  It's taken me awhile, and which I would have been wiser to sooner, but I've learned how important it is to appreciate the moment.  To really stop and take it all in....the sights, smells, sounds, etc.  Especially the people and loved ones in our lives.  That's all that really matters.

It was a busy week, though hindered some what by dizziness.  Drives me nuts how I can have a list of things to do only to be sidelined by a dizzy spell.  That's when I try to refocus, and go more with the flow though I admit it's not always easy. 

We enrolled Cooper in a basic canine manner class, the first class started up which involves just humans the first night.  Of course the one night out of the week where the man's work also scheduled their fantasy football draft.  The man was running late, and didn't make class.  I was disappointed for sure because dependability is important to me, if you commit to something with me then follow through with it.  Something the man hasn't always been great with.  So hoping it works out and that Cooper learns something too.

Our new house's lawn is a mess.  So given the forecast involved rain, borrowed my parents spreader and applied stuff to the lawn.  Usually I'm against using any type of chemicals on the lawn but it's in too rough of shape not to treat. 

Friday night we walked over to the mall to pick a charger up for the man and grab some dinner.  Saturday he and my brother in law went to the Penn State game.  My brother in law received free tickets and was really pumped since he has never been to a game before.  Though the original forecast of bright sun turned into a rainy day.  Think the boys were a little bummed as it was heavy rain and much cooler temperatures.  Went from 95 degrees to 65.  Overall think they had fun though it was a long day considering it took them 3 1/2 hrs to get there and had same drive back.

Meanwhile us girls spent the day at the local mall and enjoyed lunch out as well.  We were planning on going to New Hope which is a more artsy, outdoor shopping area but the niece decided she wanted to go to a mall. ha   Shopping with a 7 year old is an experience, it's honestly more like trying to keep up with them.  You literally cannot turn your back for one moment. 

We happened to walk through Bloomindales which was having a fashion show, cat walk and all.  Of course the niece was mesmerized so we took a seat and watched. And upon arriving home quickly found ourselves strutting around the house pretending we were models on a catwalk.  Ah the joys of being young again.  Who doesn't like playing!  :)

Sunday was all about snuggling on the couch and watching NFL football.  The man and I had our yearly fantasy football draft as well.  We are doing it slightly different this year, letting yahoo keep track of things instead of scoring our little league ourselves.  Should be interesting to see what happens.

Today have a list of things to get done.  Of course the Eagles play tonight too, tough game because they play the Falcons who have my favorite quarterback Matt Ryan.  Ryan is a Philly guy and wish he could play for the Eagles. Anyway, let's go Eagles!

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